Thursday, May 7, 2009

Old West Fantasy

Inspired by a Victoria Lamb miniature, I decided a fantasy twist to the Old West was in order.
Dwarves would miners, prospectors and mountain men. Elves the Natives trying to protect their lands. I think it could work.


Lead Addict said...

So are us dirty hummies the ones invading from the east?

Love the idea. Surprised there's not a line on them out right now.

Undead could have come from a last ditch effort by the south to win the war by using the voodoo cult from the slaves.

The Halflings can be from Texas. And make them all boastful and overly proud instead of the traditional shrinking flower.

Lets do it. I will look at some figs to convert when I get home.

Lead Addict said...

Who would be the Chinese?

BaronVonJ said...

Easy. Goblins.

Steve Willaredt said...

You gotta do this!