Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Unkerlant Travel Log: Nuln

Nuln is one of the smallest lands of Unkerlant, and as such suffers from a huge inferiority complex. They compensate for this by doing everything on a grander scale. The buildings are all just a bit taller, the churches just a bit grander, and fashions a bit gaudier than any of the surrounding countryside. This gives the main town of Nulndorf a very crowded appearance, despite its smallish population.
The Baron Rheinhard Von Niddelmyer’s labyrinthian castle sprawls over much of Nulndorf, winding in and out of the surrounding shops and homes. Each previous baron has added to it, each with his own style, giving it a somewhat bizarre appearance. As a fortress, its not very defensible do not only to its sheer size, but because some of the walls were built more for decoration than defense.
Nulnish troops themselves look quite smart in their tailored uniforms. After all, it’s not how well you fight, but good you look doing it.

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