Tuesday, March 26, 2024

March to Victory - the report


This was our third time hosting March to Victory. Notice how there is no"con" in the name?

The focus on “games only” resulted in a more intimate setting, and admittedly smaller crowd. But the enthusiasm was mighty. The 7 tables were great. The 15 games were original. Challenges were thrown. Odds were overturned. Jeers and cheers sounded throughout the weekend. Awards were given out to our hard working Game Masters.

We are so grateful to Game Cafe for hosting March To Victory 2024. There is plenty of room for us to expand our event there at the store. March To Victory 2025 will be at the same location.

Our biggest thank you goes to our Game Masters, you worked so hard on your tables. Many of you put on additional sessions and even threw up impromptu games to handle gamer demand. You truly are the best in the Midwest.



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