Monday, May 15, 2017

Buccaneers and Cavaliers play test

Musketeers! Come out to play-yay!
We had a great swashbuckle-y game Thursday night. Not only did the play test of the rules work out, but we saw a visit from now Colorado based Basement General Bill.
This scenario saw the Cardinal's Guard (boo, hiss) collecting "taxes" from the locals. Meanwhile, the King's Loyal Musketeers were grabbing the loot Robin Hood style before the Cardinal could get his grubby hands on it.
Both sides were split into two groups. They each had a Captain leading and a special troop type like "Dregs" or "Shooter". Each miniature had at least one skill (except the Dregs, of course).
Each group made a straight shot for the closest house, or in the case of the Cardinal's men, straight for the local abbot.

Shaking down a man of the cloth, for shame!
The road became a shooting gallery, while the open field became a battle ground.
The game had a time limit of t least 6 turn before the local Constabulary showed in force to break things up. This forced both sides to close quickly.
It looked good for the Musketeers at first. They grabbed some loot (to hide away of course) first.
Dregs face off
Soon, however, the Cardinals men started putting the Musketeers to the sword. The game swung heavily in favor for the boys in red.
When turn six rolled around, there weren't men Musketeers left standing.
Great game! Felt very genre without slowing down. Favorite moment had to be when a lowly Dreg brandishing a club and rolling a d8, dropped a veteran (d12) swordsman in the last turn. Just have to polish up the scenarios, and this baby is ready for press.
Gaspard is reminded of his own mortality...


Unknown said...

Very fun game. Thanks for doing it on short notice, Jaye. It was great seeing people.

Phil said...

Sounds great, splendid table, love the buildings and ruins...

Unknown said...

When and how can we get a copy of the rules? Super interested.

Unknown said...

That's a great idea for a new theatre of war and lots of andventures (and fun by the way)!!!

I'm eager too to grab a copy of the new rules.