Friday, February 26, 2016

Episode XXIII: Dash Dixon vs the Gorthian Blood Worm!

Emperor Xorgon, an attempt to kill Our Hero Dash Dixon, blew up Moon 6. He realized too late that that not only had Dash made a last minute escape, but Moon 6 was full of Unobtainium.
Chunks of the precious mineral have now fallen to the planet Gorth. Emperor Xorgon and elements of the Imperial Navy have landed to grab as much as possible. Little does the vile villain know that Dash and a group of ragtag survivors of Moon 6 have the same plan!
There were five spots where the Unobtainium had landed. They were scttered around the ancient carcass of giant Gorthian god.
There were 4, count 'em 4 players on each side and the Boy acting as the Gorthian Natives for a nine player game of Fistful of Lead.
 Azullian Shock troops armed Mazers.
 The Imperial Navy
 Groth, Lance Vorex, Stella Starfire, Xandar Zarn and our hero, Dash Dixon
The Robot Legion
The Natives seemed to sense the evil intentions of the Imperial Navy and attacked them first. They were soon repelled my blaster and Mazer fire with heavy losses.
Dash, with help from the Robot Legion and the Subterrans of Moon 6 grabbed two chunks right away and delivered them to his ship the Dauntless.
The Robots swept aside Xorgon's mercenary pirates and was closing on the Navy ship, where they two had two chunks stored away.

In the middle, the native's were down to one. They had already released a rock monster on scene, but it was dispatched quickly by the duel laser pistols of Lance Vortex. But they had one last trick, the Gorthian Blood Worm!
It ripped through the surface devouring the fair Steela Starfire whole! Even her sonic boomerang was no match for the tough hide of the Worm.
It was only through the combined fire of the heroes that brought it down. Dash quickly cut the beast open to free Stella.
The Imperial Navy was driven back. In only 2 1/2 hours the battle was done. Dash and his crew the victors!
This was another successful play test of FfoL: Wastleland Warriors, and shows the versatility of the rules. We had robots, giant monsters and a variety of weapons. It went smoothly. Thanks to everybody that came out. Last night's pairing included a lovely beer from St Louis.


Weasel said...

That is some epic Buck Rogers feel going on there. Nicely done :)

Jt said...

Whats the eta on wasteland?

Preacher by day said...

Great looking game, and sounds like heaps of fun: captured the spirit of the old serials nicely!

BaronVonJ said...

Hopefully before summer.

Foss1066 said...

Loves me them Robots! Cool ship as well.

commanderroj said...

I see this game took two and a half hours. What are the general parameters? Is a small game much less than this? How big and long would be a large game for the system? I'm very interested in using it for a Post Apocalyptic campaign at my local club.