Monday, July 6, 2015

Returning to DUST

Summer's a hard time to get everyone together. That's why I went back to simple set of rules with some great models: DUST. We only had 4 people playing, but a ton on minis and tanks on the table. I was even able to the Boy to drag himself away from the Xbox to play, which says something about the cool factor.
I don't have the official DUST dice, but you can easily use standard 6s or, if you are like me and have a bunch of 6s numbered 1-3, even better.
Each side had a "biggun" with guns capable of insta-killing anything on the table. These became the focus of both sides. The Axis had a bunch of undead troops. These boys are cheap, but don't take suppression hits. They are mostly close combat troops, however. This forces them to run across the open battlefield, but they get great saves.
The Allies had some heavily armored troops capable of rocketing into position. We used these try a pincer.
It sort of worked.
Much like any other game, we learned the hard way those troops better be suppressed or have already activated before you close in for hand to hand. The ability for troops to deliver Reaction fire creamed most of both sides assaulting troops before they got close.
The Axis ended up with a marginal victory. All of the Allied armor was knocked out, and what infantry was left, was hanging on by the skin of their teeth.
Again, a great game in very little time. I'm still thinking of converting these for 15mm SciFi.

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