Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Squeezing in a weekend game

My oldest wargaming buddy, Lead Addict and I have similar limited schedules with teenagers and jobs and families. It's rare we both have time to play together. He's been itching to play two games I've really had a good time with, DUST and Lion Rampant.
Not many pics, but lots of rum.
The Axis secret weapon...
For DUST (the one off the grid, is that Tactics or Warfare?) we had 200 points a piece. 100 points of armor and 100 of infantry. No special Command Troops or extra rules, just the basics.
Lead Addict quickly grasped the fire and suppression rules and had some of my best troops pinned for a good part of the game. I retaliated by pounding his armor to, well, dust.
These rules are simple and elegant with a lot of grit that isn't always noticed at first. I wish the models were more available. I substituted their special dice with my own 3 sided I had.
Next was a rematch Lion Rampant style, between the Normans and the Vikings. The vikings took a defensive position from the start only my crossbows were able to crack. It was short and sweet, but again a rule set with a lot more depth than seen at first sight. Guy de Fountainbleu left the peasants to their fates.

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