Friday, March 13, 2015

Fistful of Lead: Headhunting

With the new Fistful of Lead miniatures fresh off the painting table, it was time to get them into action. I had 5 players and 5 new miniatures. Each player would 5 gang members and a Most Wanted character. The scenario was simple. Gain a Victory Point for each Most Wanted character sent to Boot Hill.
Lesterville's Most Wanted:
Chung Wang, Chinese Gunfighter: Bonus in Close Combat and a Gunslinger
Little Sally Sureshot: Bonus to hit in Shooting, Bonus to Wound
Kid Dynamite!: Cool Headed and has sticks of TNT
The Phantom Gunfighter:Shrouding mists make him tough to target, Gunslinger
El Machete: Quick and Tough as Nails, as well as bonus in Close Combat
Each player started from a table edge. Sally, being a sniper, decided to take the high ground while her escort probed the streets.
Machete and Chung Wang's gangs clashed immediately with the vaunted blade-slinger going down early. Victory Points for Chung Wang!

Minions were dropping like flies. Sally, at the top of a building rained death, but left the building itself undefended. She was quickly assaulted by thugs. She managed to drive them both off, even though wounded.
For most of the fight Kid Dynamite stayed in the shadows. We he finally emerged, it was to make a magnificent TNT toss. It landed taking out two gunfighters, including the elusive Phantom Gunfighter.
Sally soon followed, and then Chung Wang. With that, Kid and his gang withdrew with 3 Victory points.

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Essjam said...

That was a great game last night! Lots of laughter and great moments. Just what I needed. Thanks Baron and fellow Basement Generals