Friday, February 27, 2015

Campaign for the Kingdom: the Battle of Bottomsly-Uppsdown

Winter had not truly set in. There was time to find forage for the coming cold months. But, unfortunately for Horace, Duke of Dunharrow, his enemies had the same idea.
This was another game in our ongoing very slightly historical Medieval campaign. The current claimant to the throne has had a serious of successes and was poised to win another. However, I brought from our usual set up. Normally everyone gets a core 3 units: 1 Dismounted knight unit, 1 Longbowmen unit and 1 Man-at-arms/billmen unit. And then they take turns picking units, ala dodgeball, until everyone has 6. But, this time, the core remained, but the other 3 units were randomly dealt. I ended up with a very "shooty" heavy team.
 Forces size each other up.
 Duke Horace leads his men forward.
 Sir Lionel admires himself in the reflection from his helmet.


Another great game. It looked like Roderick's forces were going to completely roll over Horace (thanks in no small part to my shooty units). But, then Horace's boys made a comeback and tied it up. It came down to a difference of one unit, with Roderick's forces just making the Victory Point limit.

Horace meets his end.


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BaronVonJ said...

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Essjam said...

Good idea on drawing supplementary stands by random. That sped things up. What are the standings now?

BaronVonJ said...

Oops! forgot to post!