Friday, November 14, 2014

The Legion in Mexico, a Fistful of Lead AAR

I wanted to test out some ideas I had for a more dynamic Close Combat mechanic I thought of for earlier periods of FfoL, where gunfire is more sporadic due to reload time. I picked the Maximillian era of Mexico (one of my favorites).
The French Foreign Legion was holding a small compound outside the territorial Governor's mansion.
The Local Insurrectos wanted to plant the their flag on the Governor's house as symbolic gesture.
As usual, our brave Legion was out numbered.
There are a few changes to the traditional rules. Because they carry single shot muzzle loaders, each model must reload after every shot (instead of just on 1s). In Close Combat, each model rolls a d10 as usual, high roller winning. There are situational bonuses, but the results are different. If you win by 5+ your opponent is dead. Win by 2-4, and there are various positional changes you can make (push them back, draw them in, switch places, break off). Tie or only win by 1, and you break off and separate.

This became importantt as our brave Legion captain charged into a casa full of banditos. He managed to hold up that entire flank, in what would be called "Casa de la Morte, until he was bravely killed in true Legionnaire fashion.


mellis1644 said...

I look forward to the revised hand to hand rules with the new version. They sound like they will work - simple but not as deadly as the current ones. A figure having a 'berserk'/'all out attack' or a 'defensive stance' as options might be an interesting player control item, but that may be too complex.

BaronVonJ said...

The Cowboy rules will stay as is, because Close Combat is also considered close in shooting. However, future expansion will have this option.

Unknown said...

Well I like those changes, as I plan on using the rules for Napoleonic skirmishes ala Sharpe.

BaronVonJ said...

It was interesting. Some fights were quick and deadly as usual, while the fight in Casa de la Morte lasted the most of the game with Capt. Danjou parrying, thrusting, etc.