Friday, December 6, 2013

More painted minis, more Longstreet

Up first, some retro Sci-Fi miniatures for a top secret project in the works. Emperor Xorg's Imperial Navy. I wanted these guys to have a Naval Landing troop color scheme/vibe.
After that, more 10mm goodness for Maurice/Might & Reason. The Elite Swiss Guard of the Arch-Duchy of Volborg.
Finally, battle one of the year 1863 for Longstreet. This is the midpoint of the war. The Union is getting more troops. Units are getting more experience and training, but in some cases, also getting battered. One Union regiment went to the field with 3 stands!

The scenario was #8: the Cornfields. (I gotta work on my fields) The standing crops didn't prove much of a barrier to either side. The Rebs started out aggressive, but quickly began to fight a holding action. LS favors the the side that engages in combat the most. The most an attacker takes in a charge is one stand loss. So when possible ATTACK!
The fight ended as a draw, but I think maybe the Union took the most losses. That's OK, they can afford it.


commissarmoody said...

All hail Emperor Xorg. They pretty cool

Millsy said...

Clearly Emperor Xorg is a man to be feared!

Fitz-Badger said...

Very nice! I like the retro sci-fi guys. Who makes them?

BaronVonJ said...

Killer B

Essjam said...

Nice figs, should have looked at your Maurice regiment when I had the chance.