Monday, October 29, 2012

Painting 28mm French...

...or "Now I remember why I don't paint Napoleonics".
The Holy Grail of all true Historical Wargamers is to do a Napoleonic Battle in 28mm. My pal Lead Addict has been hammering away at this project for awhile and has accomplished quite a bit. But, if we ever want to play in the near future, some of the Basement Gnerals have volunteered to help with the task. My simple part wast to paint 24 French infantry.
Now, I have painted a few of this era in my time, but never en masse. Now I remember why. There's a crap load of belts, lace, dangles, bangles and bits. It took me forever. Here's the results:
the "Lights"



your rank and file

The pom-poms, per Lead Addict's instructions were left unfinished. These boys are painted for the Peninsula, thus the "campaign" look of mismatched pants and shako covers. We are now one unit closer to playing.
No painting for awhile. I promised the Baroness a library a year ago. No, she's isn't bugging me to finish, I have no "Honey Do List", but it accomplishes two things:
1-Where the books are now take up much needed mini storage space. More space=more soldiers.
2- When Mommy's happy, everyone's happy.


MurdocK said...

yes YES to #2!

James Brewerton said...

sounds like a plan more space more figures more fun
Peace James
French look ace too

pancerni said...

Amen to number 2. French look nice as well!