Tuesday, July 10, 2012

No Pay, No Landsknecht

I've been cranking away on the Italians Wars. With basing finally decided (thanks for everyone's 2 cents), I was able to hammer out these guys:
Realistically, the flags should be in the center of the formation, but the wargamer in me had to put them up front.

These are all from Old Glory. One of their better lines IMHO. One of 3 units. The Swiss also have three units done.

Here's a Landsknecht Commander and Herald. These boys are old Foundry. They could also fill in nicely for Emperor Max, too.
Next, after playing some "Hail Sauron" I dug out some 15mm dwarves I had done. They are quickly being rebased for this. The group had a swell time playing last week, so we'll give them another go this week. Here's a slightly blurry shot of my Demonworld General.
Finally, for those who follow my D&D blog, just posted the beginning of another adventure yesterday.


Hendrid said...

Great looking Landsknecht, nice.

Faust23 said...

Those look great Baron! Glad to see someone is painting their Landsknechts. Mine are sadly sitting on the shelf waiting for something other than primer.

Noch Weiter!


Michael Mathews said...

Really nice looking figures. The period has never had any appeal to me from the standpoint of the combat, but the appearance is stunning. And so are your figures, just stunning.

BaronVonJ said...

What's not to like? Brightly colored troops slugging it out with big pointy sticks. Knights still stalking the battlefield at the the very zeith of armor technology, only to die under the barrels of cannon and the new fangled "guns".
I've always had a softspot for the those wars that kinda don't fit into proper periods. Are the Italian Wars Medieval or Black Powder era? I love the Dark Ages. Classical or Medieval, etc.