Thursday, December 1, 2011

Goings on in Northeastern Unkerlant

After the disastrous Battle of Derlopp, Duke Sigmund and what was left of his army, fell back to his capital in Zlobenburg. Several of his foreign military advisors "disappeared" while he personally oversees the defense of the city, and consolidation of his army.
Sigmund's dragoons now scour the countryside around Zlobenburg recruiting soldiers to fill his decimated ranks.
Meanwhile, Prince Adelbert of Franistover has not been idle. His forces quickly occupied the much larger town of AltenBruk after a dangerous crossing of the river Blut, where the two main bridges had been destroyed by the retreating Zlobs.
Now, there is but a few miles of road separating the two forces. Two old foes pair off in what is surely to be their deciding battle.


Alfred T. Mahan said...

Wigs will be surely be knocked askew and hats thrown down after what will certainly prove to be a mighty encounter between these determined and bitter rivals...

BaronVonJ said...