Monday, November 14, 2011


The Baroness left for a gathering of the lady nobility this weekend, so I put on a mini version of Basement-Con. Thursday and Friday were mostly boardgames so I pulled out the stops for a GASLIGHT mega-battle Saturday night.
Here's the pictures:
a "Spider" walks through the trees....
Franco-British forces push towards the bridge

Clankers advance towards the farmhouse

French marines find a ford, while the Le Roue blocks the bridge

Skirmish on the flank

One of the Empress's Own Elite Lady Hussars brings the Roue to a halt.


Game Master Rob Adams said...

Congrats to the Lady Hussars!

Lead Addict said...

The stupid La Rhue deserved it. I hate that wheel. It blocked that bridge for 4 turns.

While my naval brigade sat in their behemooth and got drunk on their rum rations.

Essjam said...

Well said Ken, La Rhue has always been cantankerous . We should have known not to lead with that contraption.

Game Master Rob Adams said...

Just goes to show you - as goes the wheel as goes the battle.

BaronVonJ said...

Just sorry Zombie Jay wasn't there to see his Ladies in action.