Friday, September 16, 2011

The Ork in the door...

...or an "In the Emperor's Name" play test. I mentioned in an earlier post how much I wanted to try these rules out, and why I was drawn to them, so I won't cover that. The only reason I haven't tried ITEN on a large scale is because I just didn't have the troops. Luckily one of the Basement Generals, Zombie J, has a had a secret stash of GW (well painted GW stuff) hidden away for some time. They finally got to see battle.
I wasn't sure what he had so we winged it with the scenario.
What do they say about "the bigger they are?"
" Krag III was an Imperial mining operation until it was cut off by a warp storm. Previous attempts to make contact have met with disaster. With a clearing in the cosmic weather, a small Space Marine detachment is sent to check things out. What they found was a colony virtually wiped out by Ork invaders, a renegade Guard unit unhappy with being left abandoned by humanity, and an Eldar civil War being fought on this desolate world."
The Death Jester waits....
Here's where we "break" most games. We generally have 6-8 people show up on a Thursday. Most games don't handle this well, and also throw in some experienced gamers who can find a crack in the mechanics very quickly. As much as I love some games we've playtested recently, they're dead to us now.
A fight over the wreckage of a Titan
ITEN held up really well. Everyone picked up the rules within minutes. If I would have known the forces we were playing with, I could have made individual quick reference sheets. You could play a large scale 40k-esque game in a decent amount of time.
But, back to the game. No sooner had I explained to a player that the reason he had so few Marines is that they were so bad-ass compared to my many poor Guardsmen, than I shot down 2 of his 6 said Marines.
That got a good laugh. He whacked 2 of my traitor Guard in return. On the far edge a group of Eldar and their troupe of Harlequins bounded forward, while the Guard unit mixed it up with some Dark Eldar and their Ork partners. The Eldar and Orks took heavy casualties. The Ork Boss decided it was a good idea to take cover in one of the buildings, sniping from the shadows despite his heavy armor. Thus the title of our post today.
We tried a long time to dig him out. Long after Eldar walker, the Terminator and the Death Jester  were gone, we were still trying to kill that pesky Ork. He finally went down under a combined 4 man melee from the Guard. Victory to the No Longer Imperial Guard. Krag III is a free colony!
These rules held up. We played a large game in 2 hours, with a lot of drinking (thus the crappy photos) and talking in between. I'm already thinking how to tweak for fantasy and take on Zombie J's large collection of Warmachine miniatures.

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