Thursday, January 27, 2011

Robofire! Wednesday

Duke Milo viewed the enemy massing on the far river bank, from the comfort of his command vehicle. The treaty between House Morant and the Hessiamatic League stated the river was to be the dividing line between their two forces. Even when he had signed the treaty a scant few months ago, he knew it would never last. The wounds were too deep, and this treaty was a bandage, used to stop the bleeding long enough take a breather before the next round of the fight.
Made a new tablecover, but still needs another drybrush coat.
So began our next play test of Robofire! We had 6 players each controlling 3-4 vehicles or infantry stands. We got a good conclusion (chased those dirty Heshies back across the river!) in 2 1/2 hours. We toyed with unit activation, rather than single stand, to speed things up, but decided to save that for another game.
Duke Milo's 114th Household Guard Power Infantry
Despite one of the highlights being the 114th Household Guard Infantry taking out a mech with sweet long-distance shot, I'm still not completely happy with how infantry works.
Got a chance to use those desert hills
Still in the process of rebasing and repainting, but work and kid's practice schedules are slowing the operation. A great game so far. This is a perfect convention game.

Sidenote: Welcome back to our long, lost general, Bill.


Lead Addict said...

Wish I could have been there.

Welcome back William.

FlintHarbin said...

Sorry for the threadomancy, but has Robofire been developed any further? I liked the Supersystem mechanics and thought a mecha game using them would be really cool. Thanks!