Monday, July 6, 2009

Opening Moves: Borogravia

Borogravia INVADES!
The soil of Bergstaat was defiled by Borogravian boots today. The Baron Siegfried retired to Gesehburg to form the militias, while the lowlanders of Kruetzhofen greeted the invaders as liberators in what they consider highland oppression.
Ruprect the Younger and General Czerezya then moved from Kruetzhofen to Averheimburg in Graveholm, taking Count Ludwig hostage and claiming an Electorate vote.
Ruprect Jr, then moved on to Wissenburg in Sumpftlund, claiming the Sinking Library.
Meanwhile, the Principality of Hurn hosted a Grand Ball for Prince Ruprect at Alsdorf, before Borogravian troops moved on to Carroburg. Then, General Von Sedlitz dashed ahead with cavalry to claim Klessen in Overholt. Overholt’s other town, Schoppendorf blames Klessen duplicity, handing over the town to outsiders.

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