Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rumble in the Jungle

News flash! The super sentient gorilla Emperor Ape has built a De-Evolution Ray in the jungles of Madinka-dinka. Our heroes, mostly members of the New Olympians, but led by crimebuster Crimson Cowl, have arrived at the scene to stop him. As our heroes approached, they are ambushed by the members of the Syndicate! It is race against time to stop the villians before the world's population is turned to monkeys.
The Crimson Cowl with his brilliant intellect, assesses the situation and decides to make a move around the back of the falls where Emperor Ape has set up his devious ray. His is quickly incapacitated by a hail of energy blasts from the armored Arsenal.
The pink muscled menaced Behemoth super-leaps into the air and knocks Griffon from the sky.
Two heroes are now out. Halfway up the falls, KIllshot, the murderous mercenary, rains bullets down on the heroes below. He is quickly overpowered and outgunned by the combined might of Manticore and A.J.A.X.. KIllshot falls unconscious into the falls and down the river.
The larcenous lycanthrope She-Wolf leaps into action against Manticore, but is shot up by AJAX and plummets into the falls after Killshot.
In the jungle, Doc Titan and Mechgor have clashed in jungle shaking brawl. Both absorb the blows but Doc Titan comes out on top.
High atop the falls, Emperor Ape has managed to get the ray working and is about to fire when he is overwhelmed by heroes. A struggle ensues, but at the last moment, Emperor Ape manages to throw the switch, and awhoooo, Woot! Woot! Ahhhahhh!!!

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