Monday, August 25, 2008

A Close Escape

Famed explorer, Sir Archibald Stanpipe, had recently recovered an ancient tablet in Outer Mongolia
and was on his return trip when his dirigible, Lady Dora, mysteriously crashed on small island in the North Sea.
Earlier telegrams hinted this tablet might give the location of great amounts of Quantonium, the newly
discovered element that allowed heavier-than-air ships to fly, and enhanced steam technology to its
new heights.
The scenario pitted five pplayers from five nations (including the nefarious Prof. Nightshade) trying to
1) Find Sir Archibald
2) Get the location of the tablet, hidden after the crash.
Germany got off to a good start as Rokkittruppen dropped preciselt onto the village and quickly found
Sir Archibald. But things went sour when the vaunted Killenkanner, dreaded killing machine of past adventures, was
quickly dispatch by L’Roue (which has had a very lackluster history).
Then, a bombing run by the German Wespe ended in a miss and failed “Sustain Roll” which led to landing
in the ruined church.


Anonymous said...

Great models and scenery. What ruleset do you use?

BaronVonJ said...