Friday, May 2, 2008

Campaign for the Kingdom Pt. II

Last night the Basement Generals gathered again to decide the fate of the Kingdom. Prince Rutiger squared off against his one time lieutenant Sancho. As defender Rutiger chose the ground. The vital towns of Entwhistle and Lower Ogton were on his side of the field. Sancho's troops would be forced to march through some rugged wooded areas to fight.
Sancho's forces moved first, and decided to move cautiously, but his commanders on the wings were unable to control their troops which charged out ahead of the center.
Rutiger's side fared better a steadily moved up, except for the Prince's own host which decided to wait.
Sir Horace, under Rutiger sent is large cavalry force ahead in the middle to break up Sancho's advance, but several troops fell victim to Sancho's archers.
Sir Archibald on Sancho's left wing was able to capture the town of lower Ogton before Sir Wilhelm could reach it. His pikemen would hold it until the end of the battle.
When the two sides finally clashed in the middle the blood letting began. Rutiger, in the center, was rapidly losing men. His household troops were being cut down while his Irish and Burgundian mercenaries retreated. Luckily, Horace's cavalry got into the fray and cut down quite a few troops of the enemy. Meanwhile, Roderick on Rutiger's left flank, made short work of Oswald the Usurper troops. It was all over.
Both sides put up a good fight, but Sancho's troop had enough. A general retreat was called. Sancho tried to rally the men but was captured and soon beheaded. Roderick was rewarded with an earldom for his battlefield work. But in that lied his undoing. Soon Lord Roderick would be gathering his own troops to claim the throne.

Thanks to everyone who braved the weather to battle. Beer has made some of the details foggy, And fingerprints on the camera lens made pictures foggy.

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