Monday, July 6, 2009

Opening Moves: Franistover

The forces of Franistover marched out of their mountain home in what seems to be a lightning attack.
General Ernst Von Unger moved north from Wurzen to Ostvald in Ostland. There they encountered forces from Zlobenia. Vastly outnumbered, they returned to Wurzen.
The cavalry General Leopold Lippizanner moved through Zwollen, dropping off a garrison, before moving on to Asstyria in Styrland.
Prince Adalbert personally led his troops into Averswald, thus completely investing Drakwald. Baron Hugo was nowhere to be found while his lands were occupied.
Just as quickly, General Hamish O’Hegarty left Waldendorf to Zhufbar, leaving a garrison behind before moving on to Middelheim, capturing the Electorate. The Middelheimers were still discussing what to do while their capital fell.
Meanwhile, Reichwald’s other town found itself hosting a new garrison led by General Kroft. In one fell swoop Franistover has captured three provinces and 2 Electorate votes!

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