Thursday, February 21, 2019

Salute, about a month out...

To my Fistful of Lead friends who'll be at Salute this year, we're a little over a month out. I'll be helping run games of the new Fistful of Lead: Tales of Horror all day across from the Oshiro Model Terrain table.
James will have copies of all the Wiley Games books and cards, including the new Core and Tales of Horror books. Stop by and say "hi". Oh, and buy a bunch of stuff.
Snap shot of what to expect, courtesy of Oshiro.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Big News! Fistful of Lead, and Tales of Horror

I've been quietly toiling away for months on the latest iterations of the Fistful of Lead family: Fistful of Lead Core Rulebook, and the supplement Tales of Horror.
Fans of FfoL have been using the rules for all sorts of different periods and genres. A casual look at this very blog will show you just what I've done. The plan is to use the Core book as a starter, and then release supplements concentrating on different periods in more detail. This way, you aren't buying a new rule book every quarter that's mostly the same basic rules with added fluff. We can concentrate on the supplements really using what you already know, but adding or subtracting things to feel right for the genre. And keep the cost to you down.
In addition, each new supplement will have its own custom card deck to get you in the right mood.

The FfoL Core book is just that, everything we've done so far, boiled down into a basic rule set that works for all your favorite periods and genres. Most of what's in it was covered in Galactic Heroes. We clarified a few things and give you a few starter team ideas.
Tales of Horror is the first supplement. You can build a Coven of Vampires, a pack of Werewolves, a Necromancer and his undead horde, an evil Cult or be the heroic Hunters that fight them. each faction has its own special rules and quirks that make them unique. Like Galactic Heroes, it's a toolbox for how you want to use them. You can use ToH for old school Victorian Gothic Horror, or a more modern tale. It's all up to you.
As with all our titles, we've kept it simple to learn, but not a simple game.
Both titles will officially launch at Salute in London April 6th. We're partnering with Oshiro Model Terrain, who's built beautiful table of the Victorian era London docks to play on. More on that later.
When I return to the good ol' US of A the following week, they'll be available through our webstore.
Stay tuned...

Monday, January 28, 2019

Some painting

No game last week, and they'll be none this week (at least that I'm hosting) so I thought I'd post a little painting I managed this weekend. It'll have to hold you over until I can announce some exciting news soon.
 Victorian zombies.
Have no fear, the Baron is here!

Friday, January 18, 2019

The Beast in the Woods, a Fistful of Lead Tale of Horror

Thanks to the diligence of ace reporter Buzz Brewster of the Daily World News, we able to report on the strange goings on outside the mansion of Billionaire Karl Kensington.
Late on the night of January 17th strange lights were seen in the woods of Kensington Manor. The same mansion where only weeks ago the three heiresses to the Kensington Kandy fortune died in a mysterious fire that all but destroyed the mansion, and devastated the Mr Kensington himself.
Our reporter, Buzz Brewster, was able to glean from local sources that Mr Kensington, in his grief fell under the spell of some local charlatans who promised him contact with his dear departed daughters. It appears they tried to perform some sort of ritual in the woods.
It turns out, these hooded creeps are actually the criminal organization known as "Cyclops", led by international criminal Dr. Stefano Cyclops. Who knows what their final plan could be?
 Buzz Brewster arrives on the scene...

 Lucky for Kensington, and possibly the rest of the world, heroes arrived to save the day: Dutch Oven and his Howling Aces.
Roxy Rokkit and her crew. And (not pictured as the camera mysteriously failed to work) the enigmatic Gargoyle.
 As soon as our heroes arrived they were immediately met by gunfire. Dutch, the Man of Cast Iron, went down to two gunshot wounds. Never fear, citizens, he was quickly on his feet! (thanks to a few Queen of Hearts played successively over a couple of turns).
 Brutus, Dutch's faithful bulldog, took revenge by attacking Dr Cyclops himself! The old war dog was able to down several of the red hooded villains.

 The battle in the woods seem to attract strange lights and mournful howling. Could the spirits of the deceased daughters truly be contacted?
 A fourth group of heroes arrived in the form of Handsome Max Haggerty. with the help of his loyal henchmen, and woman, they were able to gun down the vile Cult leader performing the the ritual. Unfortunately, the interrupted spell led to disaster. With a lightning flash and rumble from the very earth, a giant horror appeared from nowhere.
The beast preceded to vomit forth vile toxins and instill fear on all who met its gaze. Handsome Max's henchman, Angus McTubby, who had already dispatched several cultists, seemed immune to the creature, and along with ol Pappy poured round after round into the creature, finally dispatching it to the netherworld from whence it came.

This was a play test for the upcoming Fistful of Lead supplement Tales of Horror. It worked great. The miniatures were all provided by Basement General Steve and really fit the pulpy mood of the story. The baddies really got a thumping, but it was still fun. We had 8 players and the whole game lasted 2 hours exactly.
Stay tuned for more.

Friday, January 11, 2019

The Wastelands Cup

Engines rumble to life, echoing across the wastelands. It's time once agian for the Wastelands Cup!

 The Racers on parade before the race.
 The Figure 8 Race course
 The race attracts mutants from the wastes.
 Contestants had a primary car and and a back up in case of elimination. These came in handy...
 The mash up before the first gate. The introduction of the figure 8 track and gates made things interesting from the start. Gates activated and deactivated weapons throughout the race. Racers had to pass through them in order. Many crashed at or into the gates.
 The first casualty. Speed kills!
 Passive weapons in play.
 By Gate 3 there are 3 burning wrecks.

 Soon, the Duke Boys are the only team still on their first car.
 The Duke Boys skip around the final turn to victory! 
The introduction of gates and the figure 8 track proved tricky for the players that want to hit full throttle and blaze away. The players who controlled the impulse and weighed risk vs reward proved the winners. Another great game of the old classic Axles and Alloys!

Friday, December 21, 2018

Galactic Heroes: WW2 Pulp Horror crossover!

Last night I attempted to show the diversity of the Fistful of Lead: Galactic Heroes rules by running a 7 player Weird War 2 Pulp Horror game.
Four Allied players led by Major Victory and the Liberty League had to assault a Nazi research base located in the castle of the mysterious Count Orlock, a noble who had somehow ruled the local area for four centuries.
The Nazi players new the Allies would attack, but not how or where. They had secret reinforcements ready to go in case of just such an attack.
Each player had a Leader with four regular troops. The only special rules were that Leaders had to sustain 3 wounds to be put out of action, even if an out of action result was rolled.
The baddies got a surprise when the Liberty League attacked. I had the allied players stand at the opposite end of the 8' table and throw a cotton ball. Where it landed was where their deployment zone was. This simulated the irregularity of their airbourne drop.
Two groups landed in the castle, two out side.
 Kreigsaffen, Count Orlock and Elsa
 Taking the gate

 The Sentinel and Lucky land and are immediately under fire

Major Victory blasts those below
Liberty Belle led one of the outside groups. She was able to use her sonic Liberty Belle ring to knock a hole in the wall (she had the Damaging Aura trait). Sgt. Stone rushed the open drawbridge. Major Victory and the Sentinel of Justice dropped inside, but were quickly attacked from all sides.

In the chaos, Count Orlock opened the door to the underground facility. Out poured undead troops, victims of experiments with the vampires blood.

 Blood Alley, always one in FfoL.
Totenkopf sees the tide turn.
Each turn, a new horde of zombies lurched threw the open door. They would attack the first living creature they saw, including Germans. Luckily, Count Orlock and robot soldiers weren't alive.

A pile of dead in wounded filled the gatehouse due to Sgt Stone's tommy gun and Major Victory unleashing his "Star-Spangled Vision" from the tower above (he has the Flier trait).

Meanwhile, Count Orlock was able to mesmerize the Sentinel, using him as a puppet to attack his own troops! The Sentinel was able to break the spell, only after killing his own sidekick, Lucky. I can picture the cover to the comic in my head...

After only 2 hours it was clear the Allies had won. Out of the Nazi Leaders, only Count Orlock survived. He was last seen slinking into the caverns beneath the castle.

Great game, and really showed off what I asked it for: robots, zombies, super heroes, vampires...

Mission accomplished!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Battle at the Crossroads II- Fistful of Lead

After last week's play test, last night was a repeat scenario but a different take on armor: Armor as a Ye Olde Save roll.
All other rules remain the same, with the same modifiers. Each player had a Leader rated as d12, wearing chain shirt, helmet and shield. This gave them a save roll of 7+. The rest of each retinue was a mix or armored and unarmored troops. Vikings had bows. Normans had crossbows. Bows could fire every turn, but crossbows took full two actions to reload, but got an armor penetration bonus.
 Wolf the Berserker- They had the Bloodthirsty & Flurry of Blows traits, but no armor.
 Guy de Foiegras, defender of the realm, or at least his bit.
Born Twobears, a giant of a man
The Norman leaders got horses and a nice mounted charge bonus, but the Vikings got an extra miniature to make up for the disparity.
Any hits, whether from shooting or close combat were rolled to Wound as usual. An armored target (even if just a shield) got a save roll. If the save was made, the wound level was reduced one step.
Out of Action becomes wound, wound becomes shock, shock becomes nothing. If a player rolled a natural 10 or higher on the Wound roll, there was no save, they found a weak spot.
Jokers played became reinforcements for whoever played it.
 The Norsemen cometh
 a view from the Fort
 No prisoners!
 Bill, the Big Bellied Berserker makes short work of Norman trooper
 The battle at the crossroads begins...
 ...and quickly escalates.
How'd it play?
The Vikings made a mad rush towards the village in search of loot. A pig was grabbed and a lagging Viking reinforcement entered the field. The norman force coming up the road tried a flanking move, but was soon cut off. The Norman leader was unhorsed and forced to fight on foot (a wound or Out of Action result unhorses the rider and leaves them dismounted Shaken). The Normans from the fort charged out to break up the looting.
A crossbow brought down one Viking, and the Norman Lord rode right into the Viking standard. At the last minute, the standard bearer swooshed the raven banner at the horse, startling it and ruining the charge (i.e. the Norman rolled garbage and the standard didn't).
A huge scrum started in the middle of town. A lone reinforcement charged out of the fort but was dropped by a bowman before he help.
By the end, only the now dismounted Norman Lord remained. He had 4 shock markers on him. He managed to drive off most his opponents and clear his head, only to have a lucky arrow, Harold Godwinson style, drop him.
Victory to the Norsemen!
 Time to go!
To the survivors the spoils! Where'd the pig run off to?
Group consensus was this second way, was much smoother and required less mental math. It played like a movie. Lots of decisions to be made, changes in strategy based on the card deal, and cinematic moments. Another test in in order, but I think it's the way to go.
Back to working on the core book!