Saturday, October 22, 2016

The 3rd Annual All Hallows Eve Revenant Hunt and Social

The best of London Society showed up Thursday for the Annual Hunt. The first year it was held, the participants barely survived the evening, only just destroying the Undead Spawn points before becoming overwhelmed.

The second year, the hunters coordinated their attacks and crushed the horde almost too easily.
This year, however went much differently. The Hunters split up, attempting to hit all the Spawn points at once, guns blazing. This had the effect of creating overwhelming numbers of Revenants (so much so, the host was obliged to dig out extra zombies from an old game). The Huners were swamped in waves of the Dead. Many couldn't move, and watched helplessly as first servants and then friends succumbed to infected bites and scratches.

Far too soon, it was over. A company of Her Majesty's Special Service Troopers have been dispatched to the infected area to search for survivors and deal with Undead lurking about.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Viva Revolucion!

Last night was a playtest of the first scenario in my upcoming Mexican Revolution supplement for Fistful of Lead. I'm taking a different approach and following the actual timeline of the war. Each scenario is a "zoomed in" part of the battlefield.

 Early War Brits stand in for the Federales.
The first scenario covers the battle of Casas Grande. 800 Revolutionaries (Maderistas) without heavy weapons attack 500 Federales with Machine guns and artillery. I tried to keep the ratios similar.
The Rebels have to cover the dead ground quickly to void getting cut down by the MGs and shelling.
They benefitted greatly from the apparent shoddy ammo used by the Federales (Steve rolled an appalling number of 1s). But, Federal reinforcements showed up on lucky roll on turn 2.

Several Rebels made into to town and actually took out the machinegun, but they, like their historical counterparts lost.

I felt pretty good about the game. If the reinforcements had showed later, it might have been a different outcome.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Campaign for the Kingdom: The Final Battle

The War has raged for months. Years. Sometimes we forget. Nobles have risen to power, only to fall. Last night we were able to finally declare a winner at the Battle of Blood River.

Lionel, Baron of Stonekeep faced off against Duke Horace of Dunharrow with their allied nobles.
Lionel was able to get his troops across the river first and force a double team on Horace's left flank. There might have been some duplicity by Horace's right flank commander. We'll never know.

It was a clear victory for Lionel. Rarely do these rules give it up a one sided victory.
All hail King Lionel! But for how long.....?

 The game went fast enough, we were able to play a game of Flick 'Em Up!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

RECRUITs: the download

It's the week after, and I'm still exhausted. Well, not so exhausted that I won't be hosting our weekly Thursday night game, but tired.
Thanks to a whole lot of prep work by the Baroness, things at the vendor booth went smoothly. Thanks to CluckAmok and Lead Addict, the games went smoothly.

All the games I ran, have mentally run together, but they all ended with last minute victories and comic timing. Judging by the laughter coming from the other tables, I think they went well too.
I have to sit down with Lead Addict and do some fine tooth combing of what's working, and what's not with Wasteland Warriors. The thing that works with FfoL is that it runs well as a convention game as well as a 1 v 1 duel. Making that work with WW is going to take some doing.
Thanks to everyone who played, bought rules, ran the games while I was taking a restroom break, or just stopped by to say "hi".

Friday, September 23, 2016


See everyone there.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Wasteland Warriors pre-RECRUITs playtest

The Basement Generals gathered last night to help me get another playtest in of Wasteland Warriors before RECRUITs next weekend. The scenario involved rescuing an important diplomat from the toxic wastes.
We decided he was Mr. Hanky, an emissary from the Turdians and the first group to rescue him would get 20 points of Renown. Scattred around the table were "Scavenge Points", areas where goods and tech were laying undiscovered, but also chances for danger. For instance, one group found a booby trap and had a mutant blown up.

With 7 players and a 5x5' playing area, the bullets, beams and blasts started flying right off. Once again, Orange Crush and his ladies were chewed up pretty early at the hands of some green skinned mutants.
In addition to the regular awefulness of the Scavenge Points, I threw in the Joker cards. When these are used they act like Aces, but can also activate Events. With a lot of players, this happens alot. Over the course of the game we had a Sentry bot activated that blasted any movement within 24", an earthquake that left several models pinned, a big tenclely beast that was awoken by the noise, an 8 legged riderless mount and a Moon Beast that loved to eat an loot lying around (my answer to the Rust Monster of D&D fame).
Whenever a model was taken Out of Action he leaves behind a Loot marker, which acts another point of contention, and acts as Renown points.
Over all, things went great. Scavenger Hero Award goes to Big Bob the robot. His targeting computer went out early (i.e. he ran out of ammo permanently) and went Hand to Hand the rest of the night. By the end of night he had the brains of 4 enemy gangers on his rusted fists.