Friday, May 20, 2016

Fistful of Lead: Horse & Musket, the Legion in Mexico

Republican forces are in need of supplies. Only a small garrison of French Foreign Legion guard the small village Agua Verde. Will the villagers rise up and help?
The Legion had two players controlling 5 Legionnaires including a leader. They could set up anywhere in town, and chose to mostly stick to the high ground.

The Republican Mexican forces  were three players controlling 5 soldiers including an NCO. They had to find the supplies and escape with them if possible. The Mexicans also had the chance of enlisting the support of the locals. Each time a Legionnaire went out of action, the Mexican rolled a d10. A "1" was needed for the first attempt. If another Legionnaire went down, a "2" and so on. Thus, each Imperial invader knocked out increased the chance for help.
The game started with new guy Brett getting the worst of it. Three of his Republicans went down in the first turn. Soon all the Legion was raining death from the high ground.
A few Legionnaires went down, but the villagers failed to materialized.
This looked like a short game.

Suddenly the tide turned. A legion death triggered a machete wielding villager who randomly appeared in the church. He quickly ran up into the bell tower and dispatched the Legion sniper.
The Legion was going down, mostly in close combat, to bayonets and machetes.
I was a great game. Having to reload after each shot makes you really consider your shots. As usual, the Legion died gloriously and uncelebrated.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Kickstarter terrain

I mounted and painted up some of the scatter terrain to show some possibilities.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Saturday game: Recruiting

Wargaming has been a big part of my life, and as a consequence, my family's too. Passing on the love for the hobby has made me not only part of our local convention, which is dedicated to bringing kids into the hobby, but has made me look closer to home.
With the Baroness and the Girl out of town, I had a rare chance at a Boy's weekend. My son has already created a rather large RPG group, so I thought it time to show them tabletop wargaming.
A great intro is DUST. The rules are simple, the miniatures appeal to the video gamer teens, and its a lot of fun.

I kept the objectives simple, gave a short intro to the rules, and then explained more as each circumstance came up.

I figured a bunch of low attention span video gamer teens would get bored soon and just throw their forces at each other in a giant firefight.
I couldn't be more wrong. What I got were very thoughtful plans, very deliberate actions, and possibly some new recruits to the hobby.
Normally I wouldn't have unpainted miniatures touch the table, but I have a large collection and not so much time. No one seemed to care, and it lent a old school toy soldier vibe to the whole thing. A short game went long into the night, as neither side would surrender. I got alot of "that was awesome" the next morning, a generally warm feeling inside.

Friday, May 13, 2016

5 Core WW2

We've messed around with the great modern skirmish rules 5 Core before, using SF miniatures. I wanted to try it out for a small fight between American Paratroopers and German troops using John's beautiful troops and terrain.

The US forces consisting of 3 squads of 5 paratroopers had to blow up an ammo dump hidden in a fortified farmhouse. The Germans had one command unit in town, while two other squads were just coming back from patrol. The Germans are unaware of the US objective.
Because the Germans got the advantage of defense, the paratroopers got a small mortar asset to call in.

Both sides benefited from "Scurry" moves early on. Some well timed "Firefight" rolls later helped the now in position German MGs tear up the GIs.
I didn't take too many pictures. I actually got to play this time.
5 Core gives a tense game where "real world" tactics tend to payoff. A well placed soldier can hold off larger forces until outflanked. The paratroopers were able to utilize their mortar assets to take out a few stubborn dug in German units, but unlike a lot of rules, the mortar didn't feel over powering.
These rules have really grown on me for the scale of WW2 games I want to do.
You should check them out.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Golden Age Supers: Liberty Legion vs Secret Base Omaga

Our heroes, the Liberty Legion have been tasked with attacking and destroying four key items at a secret Nazi base. The base is guarded by many dreaded inventions of the Thule Society and its techno-occult followers.
The Liberty Legion is led by Major Victory. To complete the mission he's brought the Sentinel of Justice (hurray!), Liberty Belle, the cantankerous Klank, and the British heroes Britannia, Druid and Jack-o-Lantern, backed by Lt. Casey and his Raucous Regulars.

Defending the base were the mysterious Dr. M, Agent Axis and Krieghunde, with a horde of zombies, an experimental tank and loyal Thule Stormtroopers.
The Jack-O-Lantern flew in aggressively, quickly blowing up the radar array (objective 1). Major Victory unleahed his Star Spangled Vision on the tank, damaging but not destroying it.
The Axis fought back, with Klank going down under a hail of fire from the stormtroopers and Agent Axis hidden in the buildings.
The Druid made a play for the objectives but was shot to pieces again by the deadly Agent Axis. He managed to teleport into her building, but she out fought him. Now two heroes were down.

Major Victory destroyed the Super Buzzbomb (objective 2) before mental attack from Dr. M grounded him. Meanwhile the stormtroopers were decimated by the Regulars, Liberty Belle and Jack.
Agent Axis and the sole survivor of the stormtroopers dispatched Belle.
On the other flank, the Sentinel fought with the zombie hordes. He destroyed the altar (objective 3) but Krieghunde appeared swinging a truck as a club. Britannia fought valiantly, but she too went down to a mental attack by Dr. M. Another of the Legion down, but only a heavily damaged tank remained for the Legion to secure victory.
Agent Axis destroyed the last remnants of the Regulars right after they finished the last stormtrooper.

Only Jack and Major Victory were left finish the job, but both had little vitality left versus and untouched Agent Axis, Dr. M and Krieghunde. Time to fall back...
It was deemed a minor victory for the Allies. Three of four objectives destroyed, but at great cost.
A real nail biter to the end.
Hauptmann Mauer, awarded the Knight's Cross posthumously.

Friday, April 22, 2016

GASLIGHT: the Bridgehead

The Basement General's were visited by a guest gamer, so I had to try and wow him with an oldie but a goodie.
After the a successful mass airship landing, the Germans managed a bridgehead on the coast. They quickly moved inland.
The scenario last night: Rokkitruppen had already flown ahead and captured a small fortified farmhouse outside a village near an important crossroad. A small German scout force must now push forward to take one of the village roads and hold the bridge.
Meanwhile, the British must prevent it.
The British were aided by some Hero-types. Only one of which made a difference in the ensuing fight.

And for the British:

The German assault begins...

The British counter

The Germans suffered from poor morale rolls, while the Brits, defending their homeland didn't.

The Rokkitruppen tried one last gamble, and using all their fuel, jumped towards one of the objectives. They fell short and were cut to pieces by the waiting British.
GASLIGHT provided a great little game as usual.

Monday, April 18, 2016

I'm kind of a big deal...

A lovely review of my Fistful of Lead rules just showed up in Miniature Wargames magazine, reviewed by Daniel Mersey, of Lion Rampant fame! There is also a review of this here blog.
Thanks, Dan!

Don't just sit there, go out and buy one!