Friday, March 27, 2015

Behold the Wonders of Steam

After a couple of weeks of solid work, I needed the embrace of an old friend. GASLIGHT.
The scenario was simple. Be the first to knock out 3 of the opponent's Armored contraptions.

The German velocipede speeds ahead to glory! (and death)
The Germans had speed and mobility (in theory) and the Anglo-French forces had firepower.
Both sides had trouble with traffic jams at the bridges. Both sides had the option of just crossing the streams with a bog check. I elected this and of course, failed. This left one of the most deadly vehicles stuck in the mud.
 These ladies are going to get their skirts wet.
 French Marines lead the way.
The aforementioned traffic jam.
Some of our old favorites made an appearance. L'Roue did it's usual number, not starting until the game was almost over, flying ahead, then failing it's Sustain roll and becoming a burning hulk soon after.

The Killenkanner lumbered forward torching everything in its path until swarmed by a mass of French infantry.
A glorious game of steamy, clankey goodness. There were massive explosions, feats of heroism and poor, bad luck.
Who won? I don't remember or care....

Friday, March 13, 2015

Fistful of Lead: Headhunting

With the new Fistful of Lead miniatures fresh off the painting table, it was time to get them into action. I had 5 players and 5 new miniatures. Each player would 5 gang members and a Most Wanted character. The scenario was simple. Gain a Victory Point for each Most Wanted character sent to Boot Hill.
Lesterville's Most Wanted:
Chung Wang, Chinese Gunfighter: Bonus in Close Combat and a Gunslinger
Little Sally Sureshot: Bonus to hit in Shooting, Bonus to Wound
Kid Dynamite!: Cool Headed and has sticks of TNT
The Phantom Gunfighter:Shrouding mists make him tough to target, Gunslinger
El Machete: Quick and Tough as Nails, as well as bonus in Close Combat
Each player started from a table edge. Sally, being a sniper, decided to take the high ground while her escort probed the streets.
Machete and Chung Wang's gangs clashed immediately with the vaunted blade-slinger going down early. Victory Points for Chung Wang!

Minions were dropping like flies. Sally, at the top of a building rained death, but left the building itself undefended. She was quickly assaulted by thugs. She managed to drive them both off, even though wounded.
For most of the fight Kid Dynamite stayed in the shadows. We he finally emerged, it was to make a magnificent TNT toss. It landed taking out two gunfighters, including the elusive Phantom Gunfighter.
Sally soon followed, and then Chung Wang. With that, Kid and his gang withdrew with 3 Victory points.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New recruits

A shot of two other regiments for the Duchy of Forthweg.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Campaign for the Kingdom: the Battle of Bottomsly-Uppsdown

Winter had not truly set in. There was time to find forage for the coming cold months. But, unfortunately for Horace, Duke of Dunharrow, his enemies had the same idea.
This was another game in our ongoing very slightly historical Medieval campaign. The current claimant to the throne has had a serious of successes and was poised to win another. However, I brought from our usual set up. Normally everyone gets a core 3 units: 1 Dismounted knight unit, 1 Longbowmen unit and 1 Man-at-arms/billmen unit. And then they take turns picking units, ala dodgeball, until everyone has 6. But, this time, the core remained, but the other 3 units were randomly dealt. I ended up with a very "shooty" heavy team.
 Forces size each other up.
 Duke Horace leads his men forward.
 Sir Lionel admires himself in the reflection from his helmet.


Another great game. It looked like Roderick's forces were going to completely roll over Horace (thanks in no small part to my shooty units). But, then Horace's boys made a comeback and tied it up. It came down to a difference of one unit, with Roderick's forces just making the Victory Point limit.

Horace meets his end.

Monday, February 23, 2015

A commmision of sorts

A little something different today.
I've been collaborating for a few months with Thomas Foss over at Skull and Crown. I've been designing the flags for his awesome wooden Galley ships. In return I asked him to work on some Imagi-Nation troops for me. Here's his first round of the laser cut troops:

I painted this guy as one of the Duke of Forthweg's Own Loyal Guards. I think he turned out well.
Officers, drummers and Grenadiers are on the way. He was really fun to paint. I'm hoping to have enough painted to run a game at our local convention RECRUITS in the Fall.

UPDATE: Since people have been asking. Here's a shot of how they look on a base. I'll be using the double ranked ones.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Bolt Action Thursday

Last night I got see a great looking game of Bolt Action, but for once didn't have the pressure of hosting. See the whole thing over at John's Curio Clashes.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Alpha Strike: Battle for Meridian Prime Pt 4

With the Rebels stalled last game, they decided to hit another sector. I wanted to scale up and do a larger battle, so I dug out my Battletech stuff and went 6mm.
There were 5 Hold points around the table. Each turn a side held one they got a point. To motivate everyone I did a countdown clock of sorts by rolling a d6 every turn and kept a running total. We it reached "30" the game was over. Most points won.

Alpha strike goes really quick. We had quite a few models on the table.
The Rebels flew across the table and captured 3 objectives right off the bat. It then was up to the Union to push them off.
Losses were high for both sides, but the Rebs pulled out another victory. Now I want to take this fight to space as sympathetic planets try to run the blockade and supply the rebels.