Friday, January 17, 2020

Once Upon a Time in Mexico...Fistful of Lead Big Battles

Last night we had a small battle by Basement General standards, but it was another play test of "Big Battles".
Revolutionary forces were trying to capture a government gold shipment stowed away at the local leader's hacienda. They were also looking for a local priest to save him form Federal custody.
The Federales needed to reinforce the lightly guarded gold and capture the priest who had been preaching insurrection to the locals.
For this game, all troops were the same grade with no unit traits other than the mounted troops and a machine gun. Officers had traits.
 The sleepy village San Pedro
 Villistas mass on the edge of town.

 Federales in really old uniforms...
 "Vive Villa!"

 Federals cautiously advances.

 Closing to shooting range. Federales pack the hacienda and await the assault.

 Gunfire down the village road. The Federales lose 3 men right away.
 The Machine gun rains death on the exposed Villistas in the fields.
Te Fedrales went straight for the hacienda. It would prove to be their tomb. The Villistas assualted the house once but got the worst of it and spent the game blasting away at the occupants. In the rest of the village, some mercenaries were cut down before they really had a chance to impact the game. As with most games in modern times: Stay in cover!
Relatively quick, fun game. Each side had 6 squads of 6 miniatures. Both players commented it was like playing a normal sized Fistful of Lead game, just with more figures. Which is a good thing.

Friday, January 10, 2020

The Orcs are coming!

Horns sound in the mist. Torches from the hills at dawn. Garn Gorespear has come down from the North to raid with Chaos marauder allies.
Who will stand against them?
A group of Adventurers have rallied the local warriors from neighboring villages along with sympathetic giants and semi-retired War Troll.
 Orc 'Eavies charge forth.
 Bared assed brutes.
 "Defend the village!"..."What's a village?" says the giant.
 The Chieftain arrives with an old ally, Big Green.
 The forces of Chaos backed by some blue nosed hobgoblins. Blue noses and yellow spines.
 Bugbears lost in the woods...
 Sir Roderick seems distracted by the local produce. He would later be ridden down by Garn.
 Bugbears finally enter the fray. Poor peasants....
 Borax the Despoiler looks on as his Thugs die to a man under taxes of the Berserkers.
 Garn rides into the fray. Many fell under his spear that day.
 A lone War Troll stands against the Orc brutes, and sends them packing!
 Beastmen vs Hearthguard
"Burn it all!" - the village is set alight
Great fun! The field was littered with dead. The galant Adventurers slunk off during the battle. No XP for you!

Friday, January 3, 2020

Fistful of Lead: Big Battles play test Star Wars

Just today, in my basement, not far away...
I had a really enjoyable play test for Fistful of Lead: Big Battles (working title) earlier today with Basement General Steve and his wonderful collection of Star Wars miniatures.
those that follow the blog will know we've done several play tests with large amount of troops and players, but I wanted a smaller go at it 2 players and 7-9 five man units a side.

 Imperial forces: 6 units to the Rebel 8
We used stats for the troops pretty much as it from our Galactic Heroes games. The Rebels had wide array of mercenaries, loyal rebels and scum led by Luke Skywalker.
The Imps had hordes of faceless minions led by Vader himself.
Both had the goal of securing the landing pad, but each had secondary objectives.
The rules? Pretty much Fistful of Lead. Except instead of 1 card per miniature, it's one card per unit or Hero. Special cards do what they do.
First blood went to the Empire. The Rebel dead piled up. As with most games played with "modern" weapons, getting caught in the open is terrible.
Enter Luke Skywalker. By the end of the game he had wiped out 4 Imperial units by himself. The key was waiting til a unit had racked up sufficient shock to make them nearly combat ineffective. Before they could rally Luke waltzed in and destroyed them,
Vader did some damage too, but came under heavy fire from Rebels in cover and was put Out of Action.

Rebel survivors
 The Imps played the Joker first and earned the loyalty of the Tuskin Raiders. They came down from the hills and earned the "Kill of Day" by wiping out a fresh Rebel unit to a man.
I'm obviously biased, being the creator, but I had a great time. It was the game of Star Wars I've been wanting. Biggest compliment came from my opponent who had just been soundly defeated: "When can we play again?".
I have an idea for a scenario...

Wednesday, January 1, 2020


Hey everybody! First off, let me say a big THANKS to all the customers, players, and general well wishers who made this our best year ever!
We've grown from a single pdf of Wild West rules 10+ years ago to legit side hustle with over 12 titles and 50+ products. And that's just the beginning.
2020 will see the release of some great titles. On the drawing board currently are our Starfighter! rules, Big Battles (which we're hoping to premiere at SALUTE in April at the Oshiro modelterrain booth), and hopefully our biggest project yet, Fantasy.
This will be a 3 book series dedicated to, and in homage to my old D&D days. The first book will be "Might & Melee" the core book of medieval combat that can just be a stand alone book if you just want to play "historical" skirmishes without all the fantasy elements.
Books 2&3: "Magic and Mages" and "Monsters and Mazes" will bring in all the fantasy elements.
Lots of little surprise releases along the way too.
That's the plan anyway. Who knows what real life will throw at us in between.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Playtest II: Fistful of Lead- Starfighters!

With the release of the new Star Wars film, it was only fitting we tried another go at our space fighter combat rules based, yes, on the Fistful of Lead game engine.
Since our last game we've refined a few things and made a test simple build system so players can make ships from their favorite universe. We used the same scenario but let players "draft" their squadrons from 3 factions. Mercenaries could be used by both sides.
The Fleet: 6 players, 33 ships on the table
I ended up with 3 TIE fighters, a TIE Interceptor, a TIE defender and Bossk's bad ass Hound's Tooth.
 With long range reaching out to 36" the forces clash early. The Hound's Tooth packs 4 Heavy Lasers. Each one causes 3 rolls on the Damage (Wound) chart. But they have to recharge between shots so I was only shooting 2 a turn.
 The first 3 turns the Rebels got the worst of it. Even Han Solo had to break off from the fight. This happens when a pilot sustains more Shock than their ship has Damage left. They are forced to leave the battle but have a chance to return after sitting out turn off table. He ultimately made that roll, but the battle was already decided.
The Rebels started to come back. I had the only TIE remaining on the table.
Damage from one of the Hound's Tooth's heavies. 2 "Out of Actions" and a Damage. The X-Wings shields only stopped one..... 
By turn 5 the battle was pretty much determined. The Rebels had too many losses to protect the Rebel transport. It would be easy pickings for the waiting Imperial Fleet.
Another great game. I'm not sure I know of another game that can handle that many players and ships, play it out in time and still give a good feel for the genre. I need to try it on a smaller table. Not everyone has a 6' x 8' table.
While laying out the rules Cluck Amok sent me a text asking if I thought the rules would work with the horde of Crimson Skies planes we have. Another great game that suffers when too many planes are on the table. My answer was "Yes. Yes they will".
We've come a long ways from the Wild West.