Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Cosmic Junkyard!: A Super Battle

Rumors have surfaced that important components of the Gauntlet of Infinity are hidden amongst the the refuse of the Cosmic Junkyard, guarded by Junkman and his Henchbots.
With Emperor Ape exiled in Null Space, leadership of the Crime Sin-dicate falls to the Monarch of Crime. Unable to summon enough members, the Monarch is forced to call upon members of the All Southern Squadron: Whistling' Dixie, Johnny Reb, Texas Twister and Hillbilly.
The other side found most of their rank depleted also. With most of the Galant Guardians fighting an Elder God on Island X, the Crimson Cowl  and Goldar, along with Dober-Man had to hitch a ride to the Cosmic Junkyard withe New Olympians: Heracles, Cyclops, Warhawk.
Arriving at the Cosmic Junkyard, a moon covered in discarded tech from a thousand worlds, the heroes find their evil counterparts already digging through the junk.
Sober-Man immediately left into action, only to be pummeled by a tornado punch from Texas Twister. Lucky for him, he can regenerate.

She-wolf, unable to control her berserker rage, made quick work of the Junkman's defense drones. She then turned her attention to the master of the Junk world himself.
Warhawk took to the skies and immediately took fire from multiple baddies. Hellbilly, the undead hulking redneck, got blasted from the powerful Shock. Meanwhile Shock's brother, Awe, bounded across the battlefield grabbing one objective and to tried to grab a second, only to be beat back by Whistlin' Dixie.
Across the junk strewn moon, the battle raged, heroes and villains falling. Soon, the Junkman himself was downed by the relentless onslaught of She-Wolf, Hell Billy and The Monarch. With three of the five objectives in tow, the villains scrambled back to their ship and blasted away.
The heroes, with only two pieces, took stock of their losses. They found a beaten and bruised Junkman in the rubble. In a raspy voice, he told them how they could get their revenge....

Monday, June 19, 2017

Dragon Rampant: Everybody hates the Undead

In our last game, the Forces of Chaos and Darkness triumphed and moved ever forward into the lands of the Good Peoples.
Thursday saw a Next-to-Last Stand by the Horse Barons and a small contingent of the Children of the Forest (quickly renamed the Dumpster Panda Brigade) led by a Stone Titan.
The Forces of Darkness went first. I say "went first" because "move first" would be wrong. Only a few green skins on the Evil Left moved. Borak the Despoiler and his Chaos Legions must have stopped to make a sacrifice to their dark masters, while Kronos the Undying must have been building his necronic powers to move his undead troops.
When it came time for the Good Guys to move, they did with gusto, surging forward to defend their lands.

It's here where some of the troops with a history in this game fall back to their old habits. In the past, the Ogres just wouldn't move. Same thing. Are the prospects of a good meal not good enough. Borak had recently been replaced by a newer, more imposing miniature. I guess the newness hadn't wore off, because he too had a hard time getting moving.
One thing was different, though. The nameless hill giant that follows the orcs around has a history of getting killed early on, or just wandering off. Not so this time. He relentlessly hurled rocks into the Horse Barons, right flank. More than on unit ran off rather than be squished.
About a half a dozen turns into the fight, the Undead finally got in the game. Kronos unleashed a Deathblow that sent a unit of archers reeling. But when his vaunted Wraiths attacked some lowly foot  soldiers they were not on;y repulsed but quickly dispatched back to the Netherworld. They would return a few turns later, summoned by their Necromancer, only to be struck down again!

The Stone Titan squished a unit of hobgoblin Prickers so thoroughly, his own allies seemed shocked by it and refused to activate.
Orcs once again had no stomach for a fight and ran off, while despite Borak single handed holding off  all comers, his Chaos minions steadily dwindled.
A great victory for the forces of Good, with a great many howls of laughter mixed in.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Pulp Alley: Perilous Island Chapter I

"In the dense rainforests of South America, 6 Leagues descend on the dig site of famed archeologist Lady Elaine Darrow. Each League has their own motives, but all involve the location of the mysterious Perilous island..."
We've played Pulp Alley enough times I felt it was time to start an actual campaign. Each player controlled one of my pre created Leagues:
Pecos Pete and the Giddy Up Gang: Matinee Idols, or Secret Agents in disguise?
Danger Incorporated: Led by the Dashing Virginia Dare. No job to big, no fee too big.
The Royal Society of Archeology and Magical Studies: Led by Connolly and his wife Lady Dora Standpipe
The Nefarious Wu Fang: Mysterious Underworld Leader and his horde of henchmen.
The Iron Legion: Disgraced Noble, leading and army of technological wonders (that seem to break down a lot)
and finally, the Red Raptor: Hero of the Skies.
With 6 Leagues and 5 plot Points, it was gonna be a slugfest. With this many players, I find it helpful to have a marker, or Totem if you will, to show who holds the initiative.
Wu Fang grabbed one for the Plot Points, Lady Darrow's luggage, with help of faithful man servant, Ping.
The Royal Society grabbed the Idol, while Pecos Pete raided Darrow's tent (despite those pesky snakes).
And the fourth Plot point, Lady Darrow's maid/body guard was "persuaded" by Virginia Dare to join their cause.
All the while, of course, bullets and Fortune Cards were flying. Followers dropped like flies, Allies tussled with each other until turn 4 when mysterious explosions rocked the dig site.
Ace, faithful dog sidekick to the Red Raptor (a holy terror as some have come to know him) stalked the jungle taking out League members left and right.

Quite the scuffle start around the final, and most important Plot Point, Lady Darrow herself. It finally took the persuasion of Dare and Darrow's bodyguard to win her over.
Night was falling or the dig site turned battlefield, and the Leagues disappeared into dark, plotting their next move in Chapter II.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Big Ole GASLIGHT battle

I need an infusion of Victorian SciFi every few months to function as a human being. Followers of this blog will recognize most of the troops involved. They have long and storied histories. The Rokkitruppen almost always get slaughtered to a man. The L'Roue is near impossible to start. The Unicycle Uhlans are a risky bet at best. I'm almost afraid to paint up new troops.
I guess what I'm saying is, half the fun comes from the knowledge of the shared history of a game we've been playing for almost 20 years. 
 Billy Yank arrives to hold back the Hun.
 The German line advances
 L'Roue starts first turn and unleashes Electro Galvanic fury on the Germans!
 The thin Red Line makes the mistake on lining up on a hill.
 Uhlans roll up
 Klankers trudge forth

 The Lady Hussars tear the Wheel apart.
Lo and behold, the Rokkitruppen land and wipe out a group of British Naval troops. Huzzah! What a recruitment poster for the Imperial Air Korps. 
Another simple game full of classic moments. I'm good for a while now.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Fistful of Lead: The Great Beer Riot of 1888

Friend of the Basement Generals Larry, out in the Wild West, sent me an AAR report of a Fistful of Lead game he ran last week, along with the scenario itself "The Great Beer Riot of 1888". I'll be formatting the scenario and posting here shortly for free, here and on Wargames Vault.
But first, the action:

Always great to see people making their own scenarios.


Monday, May 15, 2017

Buccaneers and Cavaliers play test

Musketeers! Come out to play-yay!
We had a great swashbuckle-y game Thursday night. Not only did the play test of the rules work out, but we saw a visit from now Colorado based Basement General Bill.
This scenario saw the Cardinal's Guard (boo, hiss) collecting "taxes" from the locals. Meanwhile, the King's Loyal Musketeers were grabbing the loot Robin Hood style before the Cardinal could get his grubby hands on it.
Both sides were split into two groups. They each had a Captain leading and a special troop type like "Dregs" or "Shooter". Each miniature had at least one skill (except the Dregs, of course).
Each group made a straight shot for the closest house, or in the case of the Cardinal's men, straight for the local abbot.

Shaking down a man of the cloth, for shame!
The road became a shooting gallery, while the open field became a battle ground.
The game had a time limit of t least 6 turn before the local Constabulary showed in force to break things up. This forced both sides to close quickly.
It looked good for the Musketeers at first. They grabbed some loot (to hide away of course) first.
Dregs face off
Soon, however, the Cardinals men started putting the Musketeers to the sword. The game swung heavily in favor for the boys in red.
When turn six rolled around, there weren't men Musketeers left standing.
Great game! Felt very genre without slowing down. Favorite moment had to be when a lowly Dreg brandishing a club and rolling a d8, dropped a veteran (d12) swordsman in the last turn. Just have to polish up the scenarios, and this baby is ready for press.
Gaspard is reminded of his own mortality...

Thursday, April 27, 2017


What do they mean? Well, I just happened to check the stats for the blog today and saw we've got 250 followers and almost 300,000 page hits. I'm humbled and overwhelmed to find out that many people have stopped by to see my ramblings. Blogs might not be "cool" anymore, but thanks to everyone who's been uncool with me.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Bolt Action 2.0

This is just a quick update. A more comprehensive AAR will be up over at Sergeant's blog.
This was our second attempt at the 2nd addition Bolt Action rules. Last week was such a FUBAR we almost gave up, but decided to give it one more try.

Nothing will break a game like 8 players. One of things we tried to alleviate the pain was to go against all Gamer instincts and only give each player one unit. Each player also had their own die color, so no fussing on each side about which German unit would go. This speeded things up immensely.

This was a breakout scenario. Because the Americans had the advantage of terrain, the Germans got a few extra troops. We, the American forces thought it would be easy. We just rolled into some buildings surrounding the German exit points and waited. It was;t easy.
The Jerrys took a few casualties early on crossing the open, but their Veteran status took it's toll on us later.
Our shelters, even providing heavy cover, quickly got hammered. My couple of pins quickly made a difference. I couldn't get my boys to execute a simple fire order. Throw in the the seemingly endless number of times the Germans activated before us and it was a recipe for defeat.
My building became a tomb.
On the other flank, my partners faired little better, but with the road I was guarding opened, it was over.

The pics are bit fuzzy because I don't get to play much, so I was drinking and therefore, a bit fuzzy.
This was a much improved game. The mechanics started to click. I wanted to use BA for my interwar period project and I think they would work. One thing I would change is use a card deck with each unit on it. Still use the dice to track orders, but use the cards to dictate initiative n these much larger games. That way I could also throw in an Event card for reinforcements and the like.