Friday, November 3, 2017


Last night I got to sit back and actually play for once, thanks to fellow Basement General Steve, putting on a fantastic looking Pulp game using "To Be Continued, GASLIGHT" rules.
Presentation can make a or break a game. Between the components and his collection eclectic of miniatures, it was a lot of fun. Throw in a storyline, and you have the recipe for a great Pulp game.
The setup was in a previous post, but basically the bad guys had to grab the remains of Von Zombi, while the good guys are trying to free Dutch.
The frozen battlefield.
 Dutch, frozen in a block of ice.
 Von Zombi's pure evil spawned this dark place...
A horde of unused minis waiting for action

 Nice to have strong minions.

Von Zombi's resting place
I took a lot of pictures of the wonderful work Steve did on the character cards. 
Victory went to the third factions, Task Force X and their minions the Cult of Cyclops, and the Kung Fu action heroes. The Cultists grabbed a vile of blood from Zombi's frozen body, but at heavy losses. Meanwhile, Snake Burton and the rest of the Kung Fu furies were able to free a brainwashed member from the cultists.
I ran Dutch's forces trying to free him from the ice. I never even got close. Too many bikers and zombies in the way. It was that kind of game.The stage is set for the next encounter.


Riot said...

Blimey that looks like quite a set up. Lots of lovely little touches!

Jim Jackaman said...

How cool is that! Love the cards.

Tomo said...

Those cards are a thing of beauty, as well as, "Dutch Oven!" lol

Fitz-Badger said...

I agree with the others. Great terrain, minis, and the cards are perfect! Sounds like a fun game, too.

Unknown said...
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Lead Addict said...


Nomag58 said...

Pretty sweet looking

Tom L said...

Fantastic work with the cards. Pretty nice table too.