Friday, October 11, 2019

Fistful of Lead: Galactic Heroes- Star Wars

We a great playtest of our Star Wars FfoL Galactic Heroes game for Wiley Wargame Weekend. A group of underworld types were holding a Rebel leader, ready to sell to the highest bidder.
Hive of scum and villainy

 Some locals

 Darth and his personal guard. Read up on these guys.
 Close up of the great cards done by Steve

 Pour out your beers for General Veers. First one to go down.
This boy almost got loose!
Great game. Tons of "Pew, pew, pews!" Luke captured the Rebel leader after some negotiation, but didn't play a part in the game very much. Darth is getting an upgrade as he should. IG-88 was a killing machine! Took out 5 Imperials including the Dark Lord of the Sith himself.

Monday, October 7, 2019

A couple of weeks out, and thought I'd give a update for Wiley Wargame Weekend.
Friday night the 18th the space isn't officially open until 4pm. I'm looking into getting in early to set up. I have tables and chairs ordered I have to pick up, unload and set up, hopefully around noon or so. Any volunteers are appreciated. I'm looking at getting game masters in at 3 for their setups.
Saturday the 19th we can't officially start till noon, but I'm trying to get an earlier setup time for games not running Friday. At some point Saturday evening the birthday festivities will also begin.
Speaking of games, we're going to keep this very informal. No time blocks or start times other than when each game has enough people to start. Right now we 8 games, each with 6-8 openings, so more than enough for everyone.
We'll have dinner delivered both nights. Pizza Friday, BBQ Saturday and during the the day snacks, water and soft drinks. And, of course, our generous hosts at 3 Trails Brewing will have a wonderful selection of beers upstairs for purchase.
This is gonna be fun!

Monday, September 30, 2019

Wasteland Warriors game and post RECRUITs download.

Our WW game was subtitled "the Redemption of Orange Julius".
For as long as I've owned this ancient piece of lead, who started out as an original Necromunda miniature, Orange Julius has died countless times on the tabletop battlefield. Usually in the first or second turn.
It seemed like he was cursed.
Then, out of nowhere, this weekend, he became a killing machine. Whatever met his awful gaze was blasted into oblivion.
Has the curse been broken? Only time will tell.
 Warleader Arturus surveys the battle

 Robots and Replicants
 Lancelot leads the charge against the dirty mutants

I posted most of the pics from this convention on social media through the Wiley Games Instagram and Facebook pages, but I thought I'd take a moment to note again what a great little convention this is.
First and foremost, as the name suggests, the convention is to gain new recruits into what is an aging hobby. The entry fee for kids is free and for the rest of us only $5!
There is a wide variety of games and the space itself is sprawling. And most of all, very welcoming. I had kids aged 9 to 90 at my games. Everyone was friendly and encouraging. I was only going to run 3 games on Saturday but got talked into a 4th by some return gamers from years past.
If you live anywhere in the Midwest, RECRUITS is well worth the drive.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Fistful of Lead in October Wargames Illustrated

Check out the "Why I love Fistful of Lead" article in the October issue of Wargames Illustrated by Steve Wilkie.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Against the Vampire- A Tale of Horror

"London is under the grip of an unseen terror! Disappearances. Mutilated corpses. The night pierced by a strange howl!
No fear, Professor Throckmorten and his group of Hunters, backed by London's Finest are on the case."
This was a playtest for our Fistful of Lead: Tales of Horror game at RECRUITS next weekend. The vampires have hidden their coffins, filled with their native soil, all around the city. They must return to them before daybreak. A group of Hunters is out to destroy them. There are 5 real coffins and five dummy ones. Only the vampires know which are real.
Thrown into the mix are the age old enemy of the Undead, the werewolves.
Players get victory points for destroying the coffins, or saving them, int the case of the Vampires. Minor victory points for killing the opposition.
Dummy coffin markers could yield things like a crucifix or silver, but just as easily, swarm of bats or rats.
Jokers triggered things like the London Fog, obscuring line of sight, or reinforcements for the Bobbies, or a pack of wolves for the werewolves.

 With a howl, the werewolves enter the stage.
 "Right-o boys, keep a sharp eye out for these bloodsuckers"
"Time to do God's work!"

 A drunk dances merrily along, unaware of the violence around him.

 "I say, there's a coffin!"

 "Stay away from my monkey!"
 Dr Cushing faces down Baron Blackheart. "A few bullets will slow them down! Then it's a close up fight."

 Sgt. Riley faces the Alpha.
 First coffin destroyed by the wolves.
 The Baron is down. But out?
 Fledgling vampire Hannah goes down to a wolf.
 After the Baron made short work of all comers, only Lady Cottingham is left to face him...
 Beta vs the Baron's Acolyte.
"Why can't we all get along...?"
What a great game. Making just a few tweaks for the final game. It came down to a brawl between the vamps and the dogs. In a six player game, which is what's scheduled, the humans should stand more of chance. I screwed up by splitting my forces, eager to coffin smash. We did kill a few undead and werewolves, so I feel pretty good. If you want to play, see you at RECRUITS or Wiley War-games Weekend.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Dog days in Bahdizstan: Fistful of Lead moderns

A US facility in Bahdizstan has been overrun by insurgents. They have a high level hostage hostage. SEAL teams have been dispatched to recover the asset.
 Downtown Bahdizstan City. Somewhere in the compound is the hostage.
 SEALs with a CIA operative attached
 Same, but its a canine
 Cover from above. The US only got one Joker, but it proved to be "air support".
 Insurgents spotted. The SEAL team leader's d12 proved deadly.
 Waiting on overwatch
 Heavy fire rains down on one team.
 The Hummer tears down the street but attracts RPG fire.
 The hum of a minion quiets the insurgents.
 Explosives planted.
 The wall was breached and the SEAL teams flooded in. The Badhis couldn't do much to stop them. After 2 1/2 hours the insurgents fled and the hostage was freed.

Generals d'Basement

It was pretty one sided. As, I guess it should be. The SEAL team dog claimed 4 insurgents. It was wounded 4 times, but kept getting a Queen of Hearts. We're adjusting the scenario to make it a least a little competitive.
All terrain a mins from Jon's Curio Clashes collection
This will be a featured game at Wiley War-game Weekend