Friday, July 12, 2019

Fistful of Lead: A Pit Full of Snakes...

...or a Fistful of Joes, or "Never Buy Ammo from Destro"...
I've been painting up 28mm Joes as a surprise game for Jon of Curio Clashes for awhile. I remember the cartoon fondly from my childhood, being in that weird age between the big 12" toys and the smaller 3.5" action figures. But Jon is a big fan of the comics. I stuck to supers only.
The scenario was as follows: Natives from a remote South American rainforest have been driven off their hunting grounds by mysterious strangers. These strangers have been digging holes deep into the jungle floor near the sacred statue of the Snake god. The special unit of the US military has been dispatched to investigate...
The base in spotted...Cobra!
The Mission is led by Stalker
Move in team!
There were 6 players, 3 Joes, 3 Cobra. I got to play the vivacious Baroness. By the end of the game I had perfected her Eastern European accent...
The Joes had air support, but they couldn't use it until they knocked out the Cobra antiaircraft gun (I think forgot about this part). Cobra had back up in the form of a HISS Tank.
Pew, pew, pew!
Opening shots were unleashed by two trigger happy Cobra soldiers at Freedom, the pet and stalwart companion of Spirit the GI Joe tracker. A lot of lead had resulted in little result.
In fact, Trooper 7801and Trooper 2325 spent most of the game trying to kill that buzzard, um, eagle. They took grenades and machine gun fire constantly, but it was that dumb eagle that would ultimately kill them both. Trooper 7801 was wounded three times. Three times a Queen of Hearts brought him back to hold the line.
The Baroness and Destro managed to take out most of the northern attacking force, with the Baroness dropping Snake Eyes before he even got in the fight. It is here we pause for a moment. 
Destro is the arms dealer for Cobra. He owns factories that make weapons and ammo. Throughout the game, the number of 1s rolled was insane. We began to blame chrome dome for shoddy ammunition. In fact, there was almost a friendly fire incident. Destroy even started to roll 1s.
Also, despite having better quality troops, and the Team Trait "Loyal" which prevents your team members from routing, some members of the Joe team spent their time (as usual) hiding in the trees. Years of taunts over this behavior has not altered the player-we-will-not-name's choice of game play. Knowing his game tactics, Cobra was able to ignore him and concentrate fire (that was working) against the northern flank and wipe them out. Poor Jon, the game was for him and he was out in 4 turns.

After two hours it was clear Cobra forces would escape with the Serpent's Eye, a huge ruby that could be used to fund their nefarious plots or say, focus a death ray....
Trooper 7801 was awarded the Serpent's Cross posthumously for holding the line, and finally "killing that bird".

Friday, June 28, 2019

So far for Wiley Wargame Weekend...

So far, games for Wiley Wargames Weekend are shaping up nicely. We have on the docket:
Star Wars: Galactic Heroes
Modern Africa hosted by Other Jay
Breaking Lances Joust Tournament
Bloody Broadsides Age of Sail game
Fistful of Lead Moderns hosted by Tim Spakowski
Wasteland Warriors
French and Indian War hosted by Cluck Amok
Fistful of Lead: Big Battles preview game
and more to come as we lock in people.
We are holding this to 50 people, so get your tickets!

Sunday, June 23, 2019

I have a Golden Ticket....

Tickets are now on sale for Wiley Wargame Weekend. Why tickets? Well, this is ensures you'll show up. I think we've all had instances where 100 people checked "going" on the invite but only 30 show. This also helps pay for the event space, food and snacks.
We'll be sending out a games list soon along with hotel suggestions for anyone coming from out of town.
We're offering two options. With and without t-shirt.
Here and Here
This is going to be fun!

Friday, June 21, 2019

Dragon Rampant- A Tale of Two Fords

A little palette after so much Fistful of Lead playtesting. We had a second generation Basement General visiting so I pulled out a game that's fun and easy to pick that isn't mine. We also changed the activation rules so a failed activation didn't end your turn completely.
A Choas-Orc-Goblin force had come down from the mountains to seize two fords on the river in order to launch a bigger invasion.
The Northmen called in a few favors from the Men of the West and the Warriors Four to help hold the line.

 The Northmen with a friendly Giant
 Goblin Hordes
The Warriors Four
 Beastmen take the bridge
 Borax the Despoiler. Possibly the toughest "unit" on the table. Reduced to hiding in the woods. I don't think he drew blood for the Blood god all night. SHAME!
 Gurd the Sturdy stands alone against the Beastmen
 Hobgobs take the second ford. The Berserkers have already run off. What's conscripted farmer to do? Form Shieldwall!
 Men of the West! Attack!
 Forces close early in the game
 The goblin chariot and his Troll eye the vacant bridge
 Charge! I reality these boys spent most of the game grazing.

 These guys too.
 Two hours later. Forces almost destroyed. Each side held a bridge.
Alot of blood spilled. Alot of fun had.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Anti-Contraption Gun and Crew

For Her Majesty's forces on Mars

Figs from Artizan. Gun is an old Chaos Dwarf rocket gun.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

We on!

So glad to announce the first inaugural Wiley War-game Weekend! A Fistful of gaming October 18th and 19th in historic Independence, Missouri. We've got some exciting games lined up. Watch this space for more info.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Fistful of Lead: Wasteland Warriors playtest

We had a 6 player game of Wasteland Warriors last night. This was mainly to try out the "Scavenging" rules. Resources in the Wasteland are hard to come by, so part of every scenario includes a few spots around the table where food, gear and equipment of the ancients can be dug up. But careful, sometimes things can go horribly wrong. You might trigger a booby trap and stir up a sleeping monster...
Do you know where you are...? You'r in the jungle, baby!
And who says the wasteland is desert? On the contrary, sometimes it's ruins, sometimes a fetid swamp. This part just happens to be a blistering hot jungle full of danger.
Rats and robots
With a six player game there are bound to be fleeting alliances and someone always gets ganged up on. Enter the Ratskin gang. By turn 4 they had been attacked by 4 different gangs and lost all of their younger recruits. The Book of Grudges was heavy with payback.
The ancient warbot, GI-88, electronic heart heavy with grief over the young one's deaths, turned his heavy machine gun on everything in range and unleashed hell!
Meanwhile, Orange Julius (those who follow this blog know the name. A misogynistic lout who regularly gets killed first turn) and his girls were taking heavy fire from both the Knights of Genetic Purity and Sweet Jimmy's family of mutants.
 Orange Julius
The beautiful Tutu
Tutu, emerged from the foliage to use her Mesmerizing mutant trait to lay some allure on Miss Yvonne, one of Julius's girls. It didn't work. All her love pheromones got her was a bullet in the skull.
Filled with rage, the oversized Jimmy charged out of the woods screaming his battle cry "Jimmmmmmmmy"!

The Animal Kingdom mutants were also stacking up loses. Their leader, The Ape With No Name was out in turn 2. Armand the Armadillo released a stinking cloud to cover one of his gang digging around for loot. Instead of ancient treasure he released a horde of hornets causing every around to gain 2 Shock markers.
 Lenny eyes a prize. His claws weren't good at picking up delicate treasures.
Ratbastard takes aim
Mutant fought Human. Robot fought animal. Things were building to a a final crescendo.
The Ratskins were out. Jimmy was down. Orange Julius had lost all his babes. The Knights, who at one time had quite a bit a loot had now lost it to the grubby claws of the Animals.
The Ornks, a race of ancient genetically grown super soldiers gone wrong, had managed to survive mostly unscathed. With that, they survivors slunk back to their various hovels to lick their wounds (some literally) and check their treasures.
Jimmy protects a fallen friend
A great game filled with funny moments and perilous daring dos.
Halfway through layout. Really just some rough edges to work out and the scenario/campaign to write along with a Menagerie to stock the Wastelands with.

Friday, June 7, 2019

The Wolves of St Augustine: A WW2 Tale of Horror

It’s the early hours  of June 6 th, Allied paratroopers are dropping all over Normandy. They are tasked with capturing important crossroads and bridges, blowing up bridges and generally causing panic to the enemy.

But Task Force 13 has a very special mission. Resistance contacts have reported strange goings on at the ruins of the Church of St. Augustine. Local villagers have disappeared and weird lights have been seen at night. But most importantly, the German scientist, Dr Rudolf Seltsam has been spotted in the area. Task Force 13 has tangled with Selfsame and some of his experiments before. Task Force 13 is to investigate, and capture the vile scientist if possible.

In honor of D-Day, we ran our own weird little tribute. This was a Fistful of Lead: Tales of Horror WW2 crossover. The Allied paratroopers led by Sgt Stone (a super soldier with Rock like Skin) were trying to capture his old nemesis the evil Dr Seltsam to prevent him from unleashing his latest experiments on the invading Allies.

We had 3 German players who set up first. The 4 American players would parachute in by standing a few feet away from the table a tossing a cotton ball at their desired landing point. This lead to a lot of blowing by the Germans. Two players dropped their troops right on top the Germans, while the other two landed in the woods. There was also a box of experimental weapons the paratroopers had to find just in case their weapons couldn't handle whatever the mad doctor had waiting.

By the end of the "Kings" round of the first turn, half the paratroopers that landed close were cut to pieces. By the end of the entire first turn, it looked like the Americans were doomed, especially when a German soldier let out  howl and transformed into a werewolf.

Allied bullets seemed no use against the beasts. One flank started to fall back in terror while the other side looked frantically for their care package. Lucky Pierre, the French resistance fighter, found and cracked open the box. Among the goodies: Silver bullets.

One of the werwolves left forward, rending the the paratroopers until one brave soul charged forward. The eviscerated the werewolf. Bayonets work!

The tide started to turn. Silver bullets and bayonets brought down the wolves. The mad doctor was surrounded and surrendered. Now the troopers had to get him to safely through enemy lines.

Little did they know a distress call had been made.

Great game. 7 players. Done in 2 hours. Lots of twists and turns.

The scenario is available at our webstore