Sunday, November 3, 2019

Painting Skull and Crown Triumph of Death skeletons

When Thomas Foss was in a couple of weeks ago for Wiley Wargame Weekend, I was lucky enough to score a few pre-casts from him for his successful Triumph of Death II: Apocalypse Kickstarter.
I have a bunch of his minis from the first KS and he has somehow improved on an already awesome range. I had to get some paint on them.
I tried something new:
After minimal clean up and gluing them to metal washers (I store my hordes on magnetic sheets) I sprayed them with Citadel paints Wraithbone.
Then it was a quick slop of Skeleton Horde Contrast paint. A quick aside. I am a firm believer that these "magic" paints are a tool, not an end all answer to painting GW would have you believe. I've been uses washes and glazes for years. They still require highlighting and traditional painting to make a mini look good.
Then was blocking in colors, highlighting and my magic goop. Really Liquitex Resin Sand texture gel. This stuff helps me skip a lot of steps. It is white but dries semi clear (over night), but you can add color while wet and slather on. This allows me to skip filling in gaps (it does that) and having to paint whatever texture I could use like sand after it dries. Just skipped two steps with one.
Then it was just flocking. I added some Autumn colors becomes Fall seems to tie into things dying.
Here's a cool captain. I'm happy how his ancient rusted armor came out. Black, then washes of orange to rust it out.
These were great fun to paint.


Simon Quinton said...

Looks good. Seems suited for this simpler colour scheme.

Foss1066 said...

Brilliant- going to share this!