Monday, December 4, 2017

Episode 27: Pecos Pete Vs the Saucer Men

Pecos Pete, star of the Saturday Matinee, was once again on the Western lot of Triple Crown Pictures. (Really just a cover. Pecos Pete is actually an agent for the US Government. His stardom is used to get him into all sorts of locales. Filming "Pecos Pete meets the Jungle Queen" allowed him to nab the Lost Idol of Chipotlepec).
This time Pete was on the lookout for a old Indian map showing the location of a real UFO that crashed 100 years past. His only problem are 5 other Leagues looking for the same thing, for various reasons.
 The ensuing battle was written in as a script change and the filming went on, the crew thinking it was all part of the shoot.
 Klaus Van Vorderkrank directs the action.
 Saucer Men! 
 The League of Murdered Men seizes the first Plot Point (talking to the extras).
 Pecos Pete and the Giddy Up Gang move in.
 The Royal Archeology and Mystical Society grabs Plot Point number 2.
 Virginia Dare, leader of Danger, Inc., gets in a gun battle with Sally Sureshot.
 The Gray Ghost and his men mill about after talking to the extras.
 Pete guns down Virginia's body guard Kaseem after he dares to attack his gal Sally.
The Red Raptor and his Sky Hunters spends waaaay to much time interrogating Egg Shin (plot Point 3). Maybe he was to easy on him?
Pete and the gang grabbed Plot Point # 4, which left everyone running towards the middle to grab the final one, the script girl, Matilda. The Royal Society had the edge and managed to grab the map from her, winning the game.
After not playing for months, we got quite a bit wrong, but still a blast.
Next Episode: In the Valley of the Broken Moon


Fitz-Badger said...

Fun! Great report and pics!

One thing I like about Pulp Alley is how flexible the rules are in being able to adapt them to use all sorts of miniatures and story-lines.

commissarmoody said...

Lovely little game and some good photos. Who makes the UFO aliens?

BaronVonJ said...

Killer Bee

Maj. Guiscard said...

Fun report.
I can picture poor "Matilda, the script girl" watching everything like a bystander, and then...
everyone turns to face... her