Friday, December 8, 2017

The Wastelands Cup

Across the blasted landscape, the roar of engines echoed. It was time again for the car clans of the No-Go to pick a new champion. Under the statue of ReTread, the tire god, the flag dropped...
 The collection (sans bikes) so far.
 The Wastelanders pull out ahead of a Agent 13, a Sanctioned Op, who somehow made it into the race.
 A late arrival hits the track (games start promptly at 6:30PM, Greg).
 Agent 13 temporarily pulls ahead.
 Two laps around the track. Shortcuts and skullduggery are encouraged.
Buzzkill Bill Hayes launches a barrage of rockets while airborne. It didn't end well for either.
Psycho Steve Simms made it both laps somewhat unharmed. He was awarded the Wastelands Cup, will get the place of honor when leading raids and bragging rights until the next race.
Once again Axles & Alloys II came through for a great game filled with crashes, near misses and untimely deaths. Everyone was inspired to build their own vehicle (someone say "Gravedigger?"). We'll be running a Mad Max style highway chase soon.


Nomag58 said...

Nice! Wish I could have been there

BaronVonJ said...

We would've given you all the motorcycles.

Jim Jackaman said...


Phil said...

So many beautiful vehicles here!