Monday, December 18, 2017

"Escaping with our Skins..."

...or "Bear Country Blues".
We played the Fistful of Lead November 99¢ Mostly Monthly Scenario Thursday. The scenario involves trappers getting down the river to their waiting boat. Too bad there's a whole lotta Indians in the way! It's basically the opening of the movie "The Revenant".
I had to modify it for seven players, so the table got bigger. To win, the trappers/cowboys Really have to haul ass every turn, or group to together to blast a hole through the closing Indians.
They did neither.
Didn't have any skins, so my noise markers from the Halloween hunt had to do.
Most of the mayhem came from the Joker card. When played, it acts like an Ace, but triggers a roll on the random events chart. Stuff like downpour, or reinforcements. Right off the bat, the Bear was rolled. He mauled one of the trappers first turn.
Through sheer luck, or lack thereof, the bear appeared 3 times. The final time, killing 3 people over the course of 3 turns, including the player who "summoned" him.
The farthest the trappers got was maybe halfway. I had a Brave who killed 3 trappers with a bow, while one of my allies broke 3 bows (rolled out of ammo).
Despite the one sided affair, it was still fun. Thanks to Jon for bringing his Indians.

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