Friday, March 22, 2013

Orders to Eagles

The Basement was jam packed last night, despite the icy roads. Nine people showed as Nick put on his 10mm Napoleonics and it looked great. Two photos survived the cat knocking the camera off the bar to the floor. Hoping Nick can send more. His rules will soon be commercially available. Anyway, here's the valiant Prussians fending off the French hordes.

I had themed beers, Kronenbourg for the French:
 and Stiegel for what I thought was to be Austrians, and later turned out to be Prussians.
So there, Lead Addict, bad intel on both our parts.
Either way, most of generals were thoroughly lubricated. Nice way to spend a cold evening.


Spacejacker said...

Great fun! I love the look of 10mm, and those buildings are awesome too!

Jon F said...

That was fun, except for getting carved up in the center of the field (but we did get that windmill).