Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Basement Con 2

Yes, the convention in my basement returns this weekend! Well, not really a basement anymore. More of an actual game room, but still below the ground.
It all starts Thursday night with a second playtest of Gruntz, the sci-fi rules set. Lead Addict and I gave this a try awhile back, but figured we did something wrong. As the Basement Generals are very good at dissecting rulesets, let's see how it holds up
Friday night the Baroness departs for her gala tour of the countryside and I set up for either a GASLIGHT mega game or Boardgame depending on the crew that shows.
Saturday night, most likely the crew from Beyond the Wall departs once more for the unknown, or we head out into the irradiated Wastelands of the dark future.
Terrible food, good friends, a good cigar and plenty of booze. Pray for my liver, and I'll take lots of photos.

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