Monday, June 8, 2009

The Warring Factions: Franistover

The Principality of Franistover is on Unkerlant’s far eastern border. This mountainous region is governed by Prince Adalbert of Franistover, cousin to Karl Franz on his mother’s side. The prince is often called Adalbert the “Addle-Brained”. He is a portly man and gregarious by Unkerlantian standards, but prone to often bizarre decisions like knighting his chef after he baked a particularly good pie. But, underneath his sometimes laughable exterior, is a seasoned statesman. Unkerlantian politics are not for the faint hearted, filled with often deadly consequences. Adalbert has managed to keep his lands relatively prosperous and free of most of the conflict that often plagues the greater kingdom.
Roads in Unkerlant are at best bad, but the roads in Franistover are down right terrible. This fact has kept invading armies out, but makes trade between the principality’s towns near impossible. Wurzen, the capital, besides having a respectable Kannonball team, is home to the Prince’s Own Loyal Mountaineers. These stalwart fellows not only act as engineers keeping the passes open, but form a crack fighting unit in times of war.
Waldenhof lies to the south. It is an isolated place high in the foothills, with more of a far flung outpost feel, than a modern town. There are more drinking establishments than churches in Waldenhof, which only adds to myth of the hard drinking frontiersmen of Franistover.
The soldiers of Franistover are a tough lot, used to harsh conditions of their home. Campaigns seem like a vacation.


Bluebear Jeff said...

And what is the story about the Irish being in Franistover?

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

I'm curious about that, too...

I love your maps and drawings! Are you a professional illustrator/artist? What do you use to make the maps? The drawings look hand-drawn.

Essjam said...

All hail the wonder of Franistover!

To answer the question about the Irish. I have a proven bloodline thru my Great-Grandsire's sister's son, Ruetger. He married a red headed Irish lass, Mary Katherine O'Hegarty. They had 19 children, Mary Katherine's red hair was passed on to more than half. Ruetger it turns out was a fine brew-master but could only scratch out Barley and Hops on his poor farmstead to make a few barrels of dark ale per season.

Somewhere in the midst of all raising all the children, Mary Katherine's eleven brothers came to visit. The news was her Father had passed away. She had laughed when they arrived but was now near inconsolable about the news from home. She was once again very pregnant and could not return home to share her condolences. After a time, it was decided that a few brothers would return home and pay her respects. They would also begin shipping over grain and hops to Ruetger. After some time he was able to produce a fine black ale in respectable quantites. His brewmaster secrets have been passed down through the family and production continues to this day. Their trade route into Franistover also remains a closely held family secret.

Most of Ruetger and Mary Katherine's sons and daughters, plus her remaining brothers scattered throughout Franistover. They raised families with strong Irish roots and traditions. Two of these: the love for a good fight and love of a good drink have remained constant to this day. The direct descendants of the O'Hegarty brothers are indeed a rough and tumble lot. Getting on the bad side of one of the O'Hegartys is tantamount to having war declared by their whole clan.

This I do swear by all that I hold sacred,
Lord Adalbert, Prince of Franistover
Long may her Flag fly free and proud.

BaronVonJ said...
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BaronVonJ said...

Indeed, Prince Adalbert doth speak the truth. Though here for several generations, many immigrants still are considered "foreigners" by less enlightened Unkerlantians. It is the practice by many larger lands to band these immigrants into crack fighting troops.
As to the question by Fitz-Badger, I have been a paid artist to the court many a year now (and to a major greeting card company that shall remain nameless).
I remain your humble servant,
Aide to his Most Just and Royal Majesty Karl Franz III

MurdocK said...

Your maps and drawings are absolutely wonderful.

A most welcome addition to the Urope of Inagi-Nations!

I look forward to your first tabletop action pictures!


BaronVonJ said...

With our beloved monarch so close to Death's door, I fear action on the field is soon in coming.
I remain your humble servant,
Aide to his Most Just and Royal Majesty Karl Franz III