Friday, June 12, 2009

The Warring Factions: Borogravia

There has been little contact with Borogravia since the conflict known variously as the First War of Unkerlant Succession, the Third Unkerlant Civil War and the King’s Sauerkraut War. Borogravia was stripped from the kingdom and declared an independent Principality. The current ruler, Prince Ruprect, is the son of Karl Franz III’s brother Otto. In most cases Prince Ruprect would be the obvious choice to succeed his uncle, but Ruprect is seen as a “foreigner” and thus unacceptable. Prince Ruprect has tried to have his uncle assassinated multiple times, but this isn’t unusual for Unkerlant.
When still part of the greater kingdom, Borogravia was a dark, murky valley huddled between mountains and forest forming a foreboding cul-de-sac. Ruprect is rumored to have opened his land up to foreign trade, and started several building projects to modernize his tiny holding, mostly roads to facilitate the movement of troops.
The Prince is a patient tactician, both in politics and on the battlefield. Borogravians are decent soldiers, as proven by their recent capture of the border town, Grenzstadt. Their ranks are swelled with foreign mercenaries from as far away as the Netherlands and the Balkans. When Borogravian troops set foot in Unkerlant again, it will be to make the country whole again.


Fitz-Badger said...

Very nice!
Something tells me, in a place like Unkerlant, the assassination attempts are less of an obstacle than the "foreigner" designation. Not to mention dealing with other more far-flung foreigners.

Steve Willaredt said...

Ruprect looks like he is being played by Mike Myers.

MurdocK said...

Your attention to detail and the illustrated approach are very refreshing and tell about a keen game player!