Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Minor powers, done.

The Travel Log for the Minor Powers of the KIngdom of Unkerlant is done. Next, the warring factions!
Also added link to Emperor Vs Elector, so Unkerlant joins the many Imagi-nations.


abdul666 said...

What a rich and complex background!
Welcome to the League of Lace Wars Imagi-Nations.

Capt Bill said...

All of Beerstein rejoiced upon hearing of your entry into to our League of Imagi-nations. Reich Duke Wilhelm has invested King Karl Franz III of Unkerlant into the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankard. Welcome to our group and happly blogging...

BaronVonJ said...

The King accepts your honorable gift, but is saddened he cannot be there in person as he is in very grave health. We here in the tiny Kingdom of Unkerlant fear for his well-being and are frightened of what will happen in his absence.
Aide to His Most Royal and Just Majesty, Karl Franz III

tradgardmastare said...

Duke Karl Frederick of Tradgardland and Duke Peter of Saschen -Vindow ( currently at peace one with another) bid you welcome to the world of EvE and trust you will have a great time in our midst...
best wishes
p.s i have enjoyed what I have read of your blog tonight - keep up the good work