Friday, March 13, 2009

Unkerlant Travel Log: Wurten

Wurten falls inside Unkerlant’s grain belt, and like Averland, it is horse country. Wurten is proud of it’s cavalry traditon, and many a young noble has joined the Wuppental Dragoons as a right of passage. Wurten horses are a larger breed than their Averland cousins, and more ill tempered. Many of the Wuppental Dragoons are missing an ear tip or finger, but wear it as a badge of pride.
The town of Wuppental sits astride Lake Wuppental, a vast, brackish, cold expanse not known for it’s beauty, but for the number of lives it’s claimed.
Lonigbruk is a town of note in southern Wurten that takes advantage of the countryside’s many lakes and streams. The fishermen of Lonigbruk are a tough people, eking out a meager living in the cold waters of Wurten.
Wurten’s horses and fish have provided it with it’s biggest export, fertilizer. “Wurten prospers on two things”, the saying goes, “fish heads and horse sh*t.” As a consequence, Wurten’s people have often been accused of smelling too much like their product.
Olfactory jabs aside, Wilhelm, 12th Earl of Wurten, is much respected around Unkerlant as a just ruler. Although age and gout now keeps him from horseback, he is still considered one of the best cavalry commanders in Unkerlant.
Wurteners make passable soldiers, but better cavalrymen. You want them on your side, as long as they’re down wind.

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