Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Unkerlant Travel Log: Sumpftlund

Sumpftlund is a swampy land full of bogs and fens, tucked into a bend of the Oberphaltz River. The “frog-eaters”, as they are referred to by other Unkerlanters, are a reclusive, independent people. No one’s sure they actually eat frogs, but they do hunt a more elusive animal, the great Red Boar. The size of a small horse, with the ferocity of a angry bear, the Red Boar of Sumpftlund is hunted across the bogs and thickets as a test of manhood. It is so revered that it graces the Sumpftlund flag.
Wissenburg is home to the Sinking Library. Unknowingly built on swampland, this great depository of Unkerlantian knowledge and history is so vast it was deemed easier to continually built new stories upward, rather than try to move the books to another location. Scholars are ferried back and forth all day, for a minor fee used to pay for the construction.
Streissen sits in one of the drier areas of Sumpftlund, in the mountains. Castle Streissen has never been taken by siege. Most armies that have tried end up dying off from the perpetual disease that grips the surrounding swamps.
Count Hans-Ludwig Sumpftlunden holds title of leader for this waterlogged land. He and his constantly growing brood, move throughout the countryside on a floating castle, never in one spot for too long.
Sumpftlunders are some of the best light infantry in Unkerlant, experts at laying traps and ambush.

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