Monday, April 1, 2013

Pulp Alley Leagues: Pecos Pete & The Giddy Up Gang

Yes, that star of Radio and the new Talkies, Pecos Pete. Using his status as movie star and hero to millions of children, Pete, along with the Giddy Up Gang, can get into places others can't.

That's right, Pete is actually a spy. And, with his Network of Supporters, the brave Pecos Pete can get the job done. Thank goodness he's on our side.
Pecos Pete: A level headed guy and a steady hand with a shootin' iron. All around swell fella.
Little Bear: Faithful companion to Pecos Pete and tireless tracker. 
Like most actors playing Native Americans at the time, Little Bear is actually of Italian decent, but he puts up a good show for the kids. "Ugh. Heap good actor".
Black Bob: These were less enlightened times, thus the unimaginative name. Bob is stalwart chap, and good man to have in tight situations.
Sally Sagebrush. Also known as "Sureshot Sally" for her unerring aim. 
Gummy Joe: Scatter brained cavalry scout. Gummy Joe uses his goofy facade to trick villains into dropping their guard.

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Chad Thorson said...

These are great! What make are the minis?