Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pulp Ally Leagues #8: The Royal Archeology and Mystical Society

This is probably the most generic of my Leagues (but man, I was running out of minis and made do). The Society is Led by Connelly, a man-of-adventure type.
His wife and intrepid explorer Lady Dora Standpipe
Her father the Professor
Salim, their trusted armed librarian
and grizzled old hunter Stanley
This completes my Pulp Alley efforts for now. I've got enough Leagues to handle even the biggest turnout for Thursdays. From now on, its just terrain making for PA.
When there's been enough time since RECRUITs I'll run that scenario again for the gents, and our Pulp Adventure will begin. Time to dig out the cave complex. Finally, a game worth its splendor.

As for the future? I'm narrowing down my efforts to only a shot gun blast radius. The rest of the Basement Generals have their projects, these are mine:
Italian Wars. I've got some cav to paint and a few terrain pieces and this will be a complete game genre. I can always add odds and ends.
Near Future SciFi in 28mm/15mm. Again, almost enough to put together a good game. One final push.
Maurice and Might and Reason.
Dark Ages, be it SAGA DUX Bellorum or Hail Caesar
and finally Russian Civil War/ Back of Beyond. Got most of what I need in lead. Terrain will be the biggie here. Most fights were over rail hubs and river crossing. Just not in the wallet for that right now.

I post my efforts, as always.


Sean said...

Still a fun looking group. I like Salim the most because he reminds me of Professor Calculus in a Fez.

Millsy said...

I've really enjoyed seeing these. Would it be possible for you to share the rosters too?

Spacejacker said...

Another wonderful post. Make sure somebody takes photos at he Con, can't wait to see I all in action!

BaronVonJ said...

Spacejacker, you must have missed it:
Millsy, I'll see what I can do.