Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pulp Alley Leagues: the Iron Legion

Baron Wolfrick Von Steiner survived the trenches of the Great War only to be thrown into the fight for his ancestral lands in the Baltic. There he fought in the brutal battles against the encroaching Red Hordes, and was captured. Shipped to the far eastern wastes to rot, Steiner escaped with a few ragged veterans and a mad Russian scientist, Krakov.
They battled their way back home to find it in ruins. Penniless, Steiner became a mercenary. With the mad inventions of Krakov, and core of hardened troopers, Steiner is a brutal sword for hire, bent on reclaiming his title and place in the world.
Steiner, lost nobleman:

His veterans:

 Krakov's Robot Soldiers, his Eisensoldaten


Essjam said...

You are a painting machine! Nice work, I especially like the brush work on the high cheek highlight and jawline. Really pops the face out on the figs. Going to steel that technique.

ArtBraune said...

What make is that German robot?