Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pulp Alley Leagues: The Cult of Chimera

Be careful what you say. They could be listening. They could be your husband, your brother your wife.  For the Chimera has many faces. Whom do they serve? What is their dark purpose? There are as many questions as the Chimera has faces.....
Yes, your standard faceless cult, but I have some fun ideas as my Pulp world unfolds. Their ranks are denoted by mask color. With a league this sizes, it makes it easy to see who's what.
First Alpha: In true pulp form, this cult's shadowy leader never enters the fray. Always pulling string from the dark. So Alpha is only a mission leader, a sidekick to the big bad hiding in the shadows.
Beta: Strongman
Gamma: Master of stealth
Delta: sinister swordsman
Episilon: Don't let his size fool you.
Zeta: Deadly shot.
The Omegas:


Sean said...

I've enjoyed all of this series, but these cultists are my favorite so far. Beautiful work.

Spacejacker said...

I was going to use PA for other genres, but you're gradually convincing me to pulp it up!