Friday, June 29, 2012

Post Apoca-Thursday

When Lead-Addict called me to ask what we were playing tonight, I think he heard the weariness in my voice. He kindly offered to bring the toys and put on the game.

The Scenario was thus: 
"Archeologists(looters) from the Corpse of Engineers are missing on an expedition to what appeared to be a simple mansion of the ancients. Now rumors of a secret cache of the ancients run rampant through the camps and hovels of DigTown. The wastelanders say they know better than to try to unlock the secrets of the Ruin on the Hill. But they could be hiding secrets of their own.
Strap on your respirator and your Vomit Gun, its time to explore."
We used the Wasteland Warriors mods for Fistful of Lead. Everything on the table was searchable. When searched, the player got a face down card that was revealed on their next turn. Some people got loot, some weapons, most got junk and traps and Monsters from the wastes.
The Boy unleashed a mutant, Ugg-Lugg and the forestry mech by accident (and to his secret glee).
One player had his mini impregnated by giant Blow Flies. There were quakes and poison gas and freak weather patterns, all while the players blazed away at each other.
The group got to play on some great Terrain by Lead-Addict with some seriously old Citadel lead.
I got to sit back with a gin and tonic and a nice cigar and watch the mayhem.

Sure hope there's something in this dumpster besides my doom.

Dirty Muties

Digging in the dirt

A fight breaks out

Ugg-Lugg attacks the mutants

Aforementioned Forestry Mech

Ruins of the past.


Lead Addict said...

Look for this game at Recruits XX, this fall.

Adler Hobby & Board Game Cafe said...

what scale ae you using for you Post Apoca games?