Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Unkerlant Travel Log: Graveholm

Graveholm is a damp, gloomy place, perpetually shrouded in mist. The people themselves match their environment, being cold, gloomy, suspicious and very superstitious. They wear countless talismans and charms to ward off the multitude of imagined witches and monsters that haunt every bog and wood.
Graveholm’s one crop is a black, foul smelling potato. Little wonder the peasants are in such a foul mood.
Count Ludwig Averheim is the current leader of Graveholm, and has ruled longer than anyone can remember. The old count is cadaverous in appearance, and some say has an odor to match. Little is seen of him besides his black coach racing across the countryside
escorted by his fearsome Black Guard. Graveholm may be a poor place, but Count Averheim is an Elector, and therefore very important to Unkerlant politics.
In war, Graveholmers are sturdy soldiers, resigned it seems, to their fate.