Friday, February 15, 2013

St Valentine's Day Massacre

Last night's game was a take on the Bruce Willis movie "Last Man Standing", which is remake of Clint Eastwood's "A Fistful of Dollars", which in turn, is a remake of Kurosawa's "Yojimbo".
The Lumpino crime family, led by Louie "the Lump" Lumpino, has fled to a Dustbowl ghost town to hide out.
Hicksville USA
Louie "the Lump" Lumpino
No Neck Nicky Vitelli
The long arm of the law is not far behind.
State Police Inspector O'Reilly


We used my Fistful of Lead western gunfight rules with a few additions to cover vehicles and submachine guns.
Fistful of Lead is always bloody and fun. Maybe it was because it was Valentine's Day, maybe because only a few guys showed, but this had to be flat out the nastiest, bloodiest game I've ver played. Only two times was there a "pinned" result. Only once a "wound". The rest were "dead".
I ran Louie and his bodyguards. I started with 5 guys. By turn 3, only Louie remained, and that was because he took off save his mistress.
One G-men goes down under a hail of SMG fire.

"Take that, copper"!

"You dames best stay outta the way, see"
The same happened with a group of cops. I came down Louie's righthand man, No Neck Nicky, and his men vs. the G-men. In one turn, Nicky and his crew were gone.
That left the Lump to face done three feds. The G-men dropped him with one shot, but he was still alive. Then, one G-men took an impossible shot long range with a Tommy-gun and ended reign of the Lump.
Moments before Louie gets an oversized coffin.

Special thanks to Scott who provided all the minis. I great time was had by all.

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