Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Heart Day

All you poor suckers out there buy a ton of Valentine's Day cards today. You'll keep the Baron in miniatures. Yes, I work for THAT company. The one that tells you that if you don't shower your significant other in flowers and candy today, you don't really love them.
The Baroness and I made a deal long ago. I would buy her gifts and flowers on any other day than today. And though I am literally surrounded by cards all day, I do not buy them. With little effort on my part, I tell her everyday of my undying love and devotion to her. Because it's true. A woman who bought me a FULL SIZE metal Captain America shield and Thor's Mjolnir hammer and lets me hang them proudly in the living room, ids a keeper. When asked about the room next the bar, that in any other household would have been a pool room or lounge, she said "this would make a great game room." Last week the Basement Generals asked, loud enough for the Baroness to hear, "will there be a game on Valentine's Day?" She laughed and said "why wouldn't there be?"
Gentlemen, I am truly blessed.
But, in response to Lead Addict's post of what he loves, in no particular order:
- The lovely aforementioned Baroness and the children she has given me.
- I love my Thursdays. Half the time I don't play but ref. But, I get to drink with my buddies and see the fruits of labors march across the field to their doom.
- I love history. Nothing can get my gamer ADD going more than a good period book or movie. But I hate how most people no nothing of it.
- I love how the internets has expanded our hobby. What I thought was a crazy niche a small community, is a bright, vibrant place. Whenever I need inspiratu I just check out my favorites.
- I love a good cigar, good booze (be it beer or liquor), and a nice sausage.
- I love shooting stuff online. When I was little, my whole neighborhood turned out for "war" or "guns". Now I can still do it with a giant online community. Back then, I "died" a lot too.
Tonight, we'll game. I'm doing a take on the St Valentine's Day massacre. But, lacking 1930s buildings, this will be more like the movie "last Man Standing".
Enjoy today, poor suckers. And like Lead Addict said, it's okay to love your toys, but you can't take them with you. UNless you're a Chinese Emporer.
Note: the above image was used for the invite to our 1st Wedding Anniversary party, with the words "The Honeymoon is over".


Scottswargaming said...

LOL, nice post.

Must admit I have never seen the point of buying cards, for any occasion. Why spend money on something that will go in the bin '5 mins' later... presents, yes, cards, no.

In fact to be honest, even presents are a rarity... if we want something we buy it if we can afford it, we don't wait for a birthday or xmas to come round... (xmas is over commercialism in the worse taste anyway)... The kids get xmas prezzies, that's as far as we go...

Hope you had a great game !

Jason.A.Dieter said...

I remember the picture and going to your one year annivesary party. The card actually hung on my fridge fir many years. aton of crap has been going on lately but shoukd start gaming again in next wek or two. Painting Romans and Celts right now. See you soon