Monday, July 30, 2012

the Campaign Continues

Oswald, Baron of Ock, could smell victory. Three battles fought, three battles won. Now he was mere miles from the capital and the crown. Beside rode Rutiger the Younger, true claimant to the throne, loyal despite Oswald lopping his father the king's head off. Also with him was Roderick, Duke of Greendale. It bit in his cups today, but loyal commander none the less. Yes, victory was assuredly his, for only rabble stood in his way. But we all now what kind of lady Fate is...
The "rabble" blocking Oswald's way was led by Edwin, Baron of Fennwyk. He has been a staunch supporter of Rutiger the Usurper but found the betrayal of the king's son too much. He led Lords Horace and Ulric in the rebellion.
Oswald to the north, Edwin to the south
They met on the small but swift River Tink. Oswald leading the vanguard charged his men forward hoping for a swift victory. Apparently Rutiger and Roderick didn't get the missive it seems. They stayed rooted atop their hills.
Across the river, the "rabble" surged forward in an orderly line. Ulric led his men of Kragg in a flanking maneuver, but they were heavy infantry and slow.
The rebels were first to the river but halted. Their earlier determination seemed to have deserted them. They seemed unwilling to budge from their side of the river. A few arrows from Oswald's troops sent some of Horace's men running.
It was then that the troops of Rutiger and the Roderick finally moved. Oswald's men crashed across the river and slammed into Edwin's men. The Baron of Fennwyck watched in dismay as his men fled from the river. All seemed lost for the rebellion. Ulric was nowhere in sight on his flanking move. Horace's men were being picked off, only his Marsh sloggers and a unit of knights were across the river dealing death to Rutiger's men.
Edwin decided to pull back and regroup. An almost impossible task for these troops. But they did it. Reformed into a steady line they again held the center. As Oswald moved forward to meet him, his troops became strung out and disordered. It was then that Ulric's march payed off. The northmen came screaming form the trees into Oswald and Roderick's flank. Those they didn't kill, ran. Edwin sent his men into the fray, but it was a bloodbath in the center.
The River Tink was turning red.
Ulric Arrives!
It was close. Each side was close to breaking. Then it did. Oswald the Claimant was the first to flinch. His men broke. Caught in the mud of the riverbank, his was dragged from his horse and killed by Edwin's men.
PIKES forward!
Afterwards, Edwin gave much of the credit for victory to Ulric and his Kraggmen. This left a bitter taste in Horace's mouth. It was he who had held the line when no one else did. His men had dealt the most death that day. If Edwin thought himself king, he had another thing coming...


Lead Addict said...

nice to see Edwin secure victory

BaronVonJ said...

Its all on you now, Edwin.