Friday, July 20, 2012

LIttle Dwarves

By little I mean 15mm. I've had these guys for a looooong time. Thanks to Hail Sauron, they may get a fight, finally. All are from the now defunct Demonworld line. Yes Ral-Partha UK has the molds now, but not to everything, and not the really nice lead and really nice new molds the Germans had.
Cavalry. Have enough for 3 more units


I must of had more time 15 years ago, because these guys all have different, distinct heraldry.

Another great thing about 15mm?

This 28mm Manticore, finally has the scale to be scary.


MIK said...

I love these, it seems 15mm is the perfect scale to do fantasy in. Plenty of character yet you can really field some numbers. Plus, I have a soft spot for Dwarf armies so this is doubly nice.

Yeah, the runt Manticore finally has an intimidating factor!

BaronVonJ said...

and I can paint them faster than 28mm. I've got enough lead right now for a full army. A local hobby store still has these old armies in the back. Our group is gobbling them up.
Why does no one ever do dwarf cav? Also, I think dwarves would be natural pikemen.

Warren said...


Very nice I have a good sized Dwarf army by Demonworld love the figures....

AS for cavalry try Blood Moon they do some interesting figures for mounted dwarves.

How do you find Hail Sauron, I really like them for the HC works well for fantasy.

Check out some of the figures on my blog