Friday, April 27, 2012

SciFi 6mm playtest

Lead Addict brought over his 6mm Sci-Fi stuff and some rules he has been working on, for a play test. The forces were about equal, but different. As a group, we've been searching for a quick set of rules that gives you a feel for the period (or at least how we think it should feel). The closest for this scale, for me, has been Future War Commander. Robofire! is also fun, but I think operates on a different scale, and seems more fantasy Sci-Fi as opposed to hard SciFi.
I didn't get a true feel for this playtest as I was wiped out, almost immediately by artillery. But, that's what play tests are for. I'm sure lead Addict will have something on his blog about it today.
The smoke is where half my troops used to be.

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