Friday, March 12, 2010


A battle brews deep in the steaming jungles of the Yucatan. There are many mysteries to be uncovered in the Valley of Maccadaccalon: Spanish gold, quantonium deposits and lost professors, to name a few.
So it was that small detachments from France, Germany, Great Britain, the U.S. and the nefarious Prof. Nightshade all converged on the valley in search of plunder!
For last night's GASLIGHT battle I set up some jungle terrain with 6 "Points of Interest". The players wouldn't know what they were until they landed on them. Then, a die was rolled to randomize the find.
The Anglo-American force thought they had it made, plowing through the jungle in an armored personal carrier. That was, until Nightshade's steam walker blew it up second turn. Nightshade's forces also uncovered a "Place of Power" right off. It was worth the most victory points, but it required to be held till the end of the game.
The German's lost their steam tank early too, and were plagued by slow movement through the jungle where the French slowly reduced their numbers.
We called it because of time. Professor Nightshade's force had wreaked terrible damage on most of the other players, but was going to have a hard time holding his objective without ground troops.

Initial set up

The BRute Class Land Ironclad
Nightshade's mechanical nightmares backed by some "locals"

French forces attack the Germans


A J said...

Very nice steamy VSF goodness! I'll bring my newest creation, the Spottiswode-Gallant Landship Mk 2 along with me to Recruit. ;)

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