Monday, March 29, 2010


I went to RECRUITS Friday night after work, and helped Ken (Lead Addict) of the Basement Generals run a Song of Blades and Heroes game. As usual, the terrain and miniatures got lots of compliments. I left before the battle was over, had to get up early to run my game.
Saturday morning I ran a Fistful of Lead Wild West shootout. It was scenario from the rule book that I've run many times. It was the bloodbath as expected. My games are notorious for creating what we call a "Blood Alley", where most of the killing happens. Don't know why. It just happens every game.
El Gruapo, the bandit/revolutionary leader ended up winning, and the player was awarded a copy of the rules, graciously donated by Greg at Wargame Downloads:
I took a break to play in Basement General Honorary member Chris's 15mm Command and Colors game.
It's the boar dgame, Command and Colors, but played with minis. My side pulled it off the last minute, with me crushing my son's hopes and dreams with a well timed cavalry charge. Sorry, boy.
Then it was time to run a quick GASLIGHT game in the afternoon. The Germans won that one.
Over all, a great couple of days. We had record attendance this time, and I can't recommend this con enough for anyone in the Mid-West.
I'll have pictures soon to add to this.
A.J., sorry I missed you in my game, and hope the auction mishap didn't dissuade you from showing up in the Fall.

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A J said...

Hi J, it was a pleasure to meet you and no, the mishap hasn't dissuaded me from attending in the fall - all being well. I liked the GASLIGHT game you put on. Thanks for letting me look over the rules, I'll invest in a set.